Training Log: 27th Nov - 3rd Dec 2017

Monday 27th - Me: 30mins swim + travel // Mr B: 40 minutes Easy Run + Stretch
Mr B - 40:00, 5.4 miles

Tuesday 28th - Both: Track 6x1300 off 90s
Me - 5:32, 5:27, 5:26,5:27, 5:31, 5:29
Mr B - 4:52, 4:51, 4:50, 4:53, 4:54, 4:43

Wednesday 29th - Me: Cross Training and Conditioning // Mr B: 20 - 30 minutes Conditioning Work

Strength training core gym

I did: 20bike, 20 XC, 15 bike, Bodyweight conditioning 3x 12 of : Goblet Squat (8kg) One Arm Row (4kg) Elevated Pressup Marching Glute Bridge (20) Kickback Lunges.
Felt really tired that day but loads better after getting in the gym. Staying active really does help preggo tiredness. 

Thursday 30th - Me: Rest day // Mr B: 45min easy runcommute

Mr B - 5.3mi, 44:18, 8:20/mi, 171bpm

Friday 1st - Me: 5miles easy // Mr B WU, 2 x 5,4,3,2,1 threshold off 90s, CD
Day 1 of Advent Running. We are away in the Cotswolds for 2 nights because we always take the 1st Dec off to do festive things with together and this is a bit of a last hurrah before life changes somewhat (God willing) after Christmas. Mr B absolutely smashed his threshold session. I am getting progressively more excited about his training. The 5,4,3,2,1 is one of my favourite sessions and he loved it too. It just feels so achievable and yet you stealthily end up doing a solid 30mins of hard work. 

Advent Running Pregnant Runner

Me 5.0mi, 42:36, 8:26/mi, 160bpm
Mr B - 7.5miles, 1hr
Threshold reps were as follows
5 = 6'04//6'32
4 = 6'11 // 6'37
3 = 6'11 // 8'40 (hill)
2 = 6'06 //6'38
1 = 6,30 // 5'38

Saturday 2nd - Me: Easy 30 // Mr B: Rest Day
3.3mi, 29:08 , 8:35/mi, 159bpm

Sunday 3rd - Me: Easy 30 // Mr B: 105 minutes Easy / Steady Long Run
I didn't really plan to do another run but I was jealous of Mr B (this is becoming a running theme) and at a loose end and it's AdventRunning at the moment so I thought hey, why not? I ended up doing 5 miles because it felt good and then in the evening Mr B was doing his conditioning work, so I did another batch too. Hoping I'll come out of this thing strong!

Mr B did his run as a run->Harrow Track to meet one of the coaches so they could check out a road run route for the youngsters to use when they coach them on a Monday night. Then I collected him from the track, we grabbed a bacon butty in Morissons and dashed to church! In the evening he did an Conditioning session too as he'd missed one earlier in the week
Me - Easy 5.0mi, 43:19, 8:37/m 146 bpm, and 30 Mins conditioning
Mr B: 11.2mi,  1:36:46, 8:36/m 142bpm

Total Miles

Me - 20.2 miles
Mr B - 34.9 miles