Training Log: 4th - 10th Dec 2017

Monday 4th – Me: Easy Lunch Run // Mr B : 40mins easy  whilst running the HAC youth middle distance session
Me - 4.2mi, 34:27, 8:02/mi, 149bpm
Mr B -5.4mi, 41:27, 7:34/mi 155bpm

Tuesday 5th – Track – 5x 1400 off 100s
Me – Tube to track 1.8 m, 18:17, 9’51, 135bpm + Track was WU,  5:58,6:01,6:02,5.58,5:52
Mr B – WU, 5:12,5:14,5:13,5:14,5:10

Weds 6th – Me: 30 easy // Mr B: 30 mins conditioning

resistance band christmas

Me : 3.3mi, 31:40, 9:33/mi, 145bpms (forgot to have pause on watch to inc road crossing)

Thurs 7th – Me: Easy 30// Mr B: 10 minutes WU, 3 x 10 minutes Kenyan Hills with a 90 second recovery between sets, 10 minutes CD
Me: 3.2mi, 29:21, 9:10/mi, 154bpm
Mr B: 6.0mi, 51:27, varied pace, bpm says 119 which seems unlikely!

Fri 8th – Me: 30mins Bodyweight conditioning // Mr B: 120 minutes Easy / Steady Long Run – adjusted to be a run to and from work, with final 20picked up on way home

Mr B – AM = 9.7mi, 1:19:1, 8:10/mi, 154bpm / PM = 5.4mi, 41:27, 7:34/mi, 156bpm

Sat 9th – Me : Easy (obv) // Mr B: Goalkeeping at football (optional 45mins but he chose not to)
I really enjoyed this. It was cold and clear and I went out at a reasonable pace and then slowed down. I had a moment where it all just flowed and I wasn't second guessing myself. Haven't had that in a while, so it was great. The distance was just right as well. I was just starting to feel the pressure on my hips as I got home.

Brent Reservoir running pregnant advent running

Me: 5.4mi, 44:25, 8:11/mi, 164bpm

Sun 10th - Both: 30 mins conditioning + snowman building
I was hoping to go for a little pootle this afternoon while Mr B watched the Manchester Derby, but after unexpected snow and 2 attempted and failed efforts to get into town to church, we retreated indoors. Given that it was slippery I figured it would be unwise to try and run (Mr B would probably have barricaded the door to stop me too!) so I made a sort of snowman and did 30mins conditioning instead.

Total Miles

Me - 23.1 miles
Mr B – 30.7 miles