Training log: 6th Feb - 12th Feb 2017

Monday - 60 Easy
As so often is the case on Monday, extended because I was enjoying the run and avoiding going to work + pilates in the evening.
Miles: 13.5
Pace: 8'01

Tuesday - AM Strength session / PM Track
3x25kg split squats
3x25kg glute bridges
2x 32.5kg + 1x35kg squat + 3x core routine
Miles: 5.5+ 5.9+ Track
To track = 8'30 145bpm,
Track for the 900s 3:16/3:18/3:20/3:16/3:19/3:18/3:20/3:19/3:20 161bpm
From track = 7'53 145bpm

Wednesday - 45mins easy
Was merrily making my way to work when I fell over, grazing both knees, elbows and hips. No tube nearby so carried on running. Slow progress!
Miles: 10
Pace: 8'48 140bom

Thursday - Kenyan Fartlek - WU, 20x1min hard, 1 min easy, CD(Hard should start at 80% and last few at about 95%) 
Did this, plus going to visit the team at SOAR running and running their Strava segment (you can win their kit if you try and do it!)
Miles: 7.7 + 4.8 faffing with SOAR
Pace: 7'39 overall - 1min splits aren't worth checking - too innacurate + the SOAR mile segment in 6:03

Friday - 60mins strength & conditioning
3x 25kg split lunge
3x 30kg deadligt
1x 32.5kg + 2x 25kg squat + 3x core
+ jogged home after work
Miles: 7.9
Pace: 8'35 141bpm

Saturday - 75 mins easy long run  + ParkRun
Realised I wasn't going to get to park run but planned to do the run with a hard 5 at the end. Then ended up doing the long run with the Mr, but we got invited in for tea part way around so it got split in two! Gave it up as a bad job and decided to do it Sunday instead.
Miles: 3 + 4.1
Pace: 7'43 146bpm + 7'20 153bpm

Sunday - 30 mins conditioning
After yesterday, managed to miss my alarm so jogged up to the parkrun route, ran it, jogged back. Trying to salvage something of the plan from Saturday. Not great!
Miles: 2.9+3.1+3.1
Pace:8'17, 6'38 (felt much harder than that) = 20:51 5k with 163bpm, 8'14 151bpm