Training log: 20th - 25th Feb 2017

This week was all about getting extra sleep and trying not to do extra miles.

Monday 20th - 60 minutes Easy Run  
No RunCommute into work in order to get extra sleep, so this was done on my way home from work with laptop. + Pilates in evening
Stats= 1:11:22 / 8.1 miles / 8'48/mi / 137bpm

Tuesday 21st - AM: 10 minutes Warm Up, 2 x (10 minutes Kenyan Hills, 90 seconds Recovery, 10 minutes Threhsold), 10 minutes Cool Down // PM: 45 minutes S&C (if possible, otherwise move to Monday/Wednesday)    
Fun times with kenyan hills! The first time I have these after a break from them I always struggle to get my head in the game. I WILL get better. Had to jump on a train to Salford for work, so the S&C got bumped to Weds.
Stats = 54:47 / 7.5miles / 7'14/mi / 163 bpm

Wednesday  22nd - 45 minutes Easy Run + PM S&C

Stats = 1:07:02 / 8.1miles / 8'15/mi / 148bpm + PM
S&C = 30kg deadlift, 25kg Split Lunge, 37.5 Squats, 3x core

Thursday 23rd - 40 minutes Easy Run - include 6 x 2 minutes at 90% with a 60 second jog recovery in the middle    
Got completely caught in storm Doris. This meant that at the moment I was trying to push to 90% I was getting hit in the face by painful hail. Doesn't really help you try hard. 
At lunchtime I went for an interview to apply to help out at the 2017 IAFF World Athletics Champs. It was surprisingly intense!

Friday 24th - Rest Day! 
The normal Adidas Runners LDN Captains were off running TransGranCanaria so they kindly ask Sarah, Simon and me to stand in. It was cut-back week so we led an easy 5k and then heard form Julien Bernier about different injury prevention and treatment methods.

Saturday 25th - Race: The Maverick Inov-8 Original Sussex (23k)    

14.3 miles, 1,243 ft of elevation (which isn't much for most, but it is for me), glorious countryside, sweat, mud, stiles, branches, steps, snot, wind and lots of fun. 3rd lady in 1:48:07
I LOVE these events.

Sunday 26th - 30 minutes Body Weight Conditioning Work