Training: 23 - 29th Jan 2017

Monday  - 60 mins easy
Up north with the in laws so had the chance to do the lovely Wentoworth loop with the Mr. Bliss.
Saw some filming going on too.
Pace: 7'51/mi 159bpm
Miles: 9.5

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 20.15.56.png

Tuesday - 60 minutes Strength & Conditioning Work // Track Session

Run to gym, 30kg deadlift, 20kg split lunge, 32.5kg squat + core.
Run to track, warmup, 8 x 800 at 3mins off 75s on a VERY icy track (basically ran on the grass next to it, cool down.  
Pace: 8'10/mi, 156bpm + 8'24/mi 132bpm + 9'50/mi 140bpm, varied for track, 9'36/mi 153bpm
Miles: 8.4 + 8.3 + 1.6 + 3.5 m + 0.5

Wednesday - 50 mins easy  
Icy RunCommute and went via Hampstead Heath to scout out the Southern Cross Country Champs course.
After work I jogged to meet Ben Noad from SoarRunning to go through some running drills.
Ran home from church as Mr B was away and couldn't be bothered to do the tube.
Pace: 10:06/mi inc stops on the heath 150bpm + 9'44/mi + 8'48/mi,  183bpm (tired)
Miles: 12.3 + 1.8 + 9.4

Thursday - Rest Day
Actually did ...not a sausage. Had blood tests, which I was expecting to wipe me out but turned out to be tiny!

Friday - 30 minutes Easy Run - include 5 x 2 minutes at 90% with a 60 second jog recovery in the middle
Found the 2min blocks harder than usual. Not awful but noticeable. Felt sluggish
Pace:  overall 8'01/mi 147 bpm. 2 mins is a bit short to do reliable splits
Miles: 8.1

Saturday - South England XC Champs

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 20.48.10.png

There was a bit of a mix up with entry. I thought I wasn't going to be able to run, then I was offered a spare bib, then it didn't work out, through  no-one's fault. So, on someone's advice, I ran anyway without a bib. Turns out I shouldn't really have done that but it was a proper EA person who told me to. By my watch I ran it in 35:09. This would have placed me about 110th. I'll be honest I would have liked better. My shoe came off once and I fell over once but I still should have pushed more.  XC is hard!!

Pace: 7'16/mi 162bpm
Miles: 4.8