Training log: 6th - 12th March 2017

Monday 6th - 60 mins easy
Stats: 1:42:48, 13.2 miles, 7:46/m, 149HR

Tuesday 7th - 10 minutes Warm Up, 25 minutes at Threshold, 3 minutes Recovery, 6 x 2 minute hill climbs at 90% with jog down recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down

Threshold pace was 6'26/mi even though I felt I was trying really hard. Was determined to really try and power up the hills and push through at the top. Definitely gave some welly to those hills! In  the evening Mr B went to Harrow Track Night and I had been working from home all day so I went out for a easy jog, which ended up being 8.8 miles. It's a loop I just do without thinking.

Stats: AM 1:16:08, 10.1 miles, 156HR // PM 1:13:28, 8.8miles, 8'16/mi, 135HR

Wednesday 8th - S&C Work
This felt really hard this morning. I'm pretty sure I'm getting worse at deadlifts. I also find that I can squat less when I've done the deadlift + Split lunge routine than the other one (bridge, split squat)

Stats: 3x13 30kg deadlift, 3x 13 30kg split lunge, 3x 37.5kg squat, 2 1/2 times core circuit

Thursday 9th - Rest day
It was my birthday so I'd sort of though Mr B and I might go for a nice run, but actually was feeling the DOMS after the last two days and BenFP had told me I should take my rest day, so I obeyed and Mr B and I ate cake and drove around the countryside.  

Friday 10th - 60 minutes Easy Run
Ran into town to meet the Adidas Runners LDN gang who were doing Fartlek in Green Park. I took it easy on the session though as I knew I had a big one the next day. It was really great to see everyone though.

Stats: 1:49:08, 13miles, 8'21/mi, 153bpm

Saturday 11th - 150 minute Long Run; First 75 minutes Easy, Second 75 minutes at Marathon Pace
I was away on a church weekend away so I couldn't get out in the morning as it would have meant getting up at 5am at the latest, which would have made me no use to anyone later. So, I knew we had a 3hr break in the afternoon so I'd planned to do the session then. I hadn't factored in that I would be given lunch right beforehand. My legs were still feeling the hill session (uh oh) and my heartrate was weirdly high that day. Which is odd because even if I'm ill it doesn't seem to go up! I'm not sure what it was, but while the easy pace section was faster than usual, the MP section was a battle and a slog. By mile 20 I had to stop and catch my breath because I was wheezing a tiny bit. So strange. No idea how I'm going to run a half marathon on Saturday at any pace. Anyway, onwards!

Stats: 2:36:54, 22 miles, 7'07/mi OA, 161bpm 

Sunday 12th - 30 mins bodyweight conditioning


boston marathon start