Training Log: 13th - 19th March 2017

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Monday 13th - 60 Easy Run +Stretch
Was going away for work straight after this so went for and 'easy' run with Mr B but it felt like much harder work than it should have. Usually I've recovered from my long run by now.

Stats: 58:24, 7.7 miles, 7'30/mi, 158HR

Tuesday 14th - 15mins Easy, 15mins Threshold, 15mins easy
Exploring Salford since I'm up there for work. This felt so much better than yesterday. Wanted to run further but I'm being good ahead of the half-marathon on Saturday.

Stats: 47:18, 6.3 miles, 
WU = 9'13/mi, 130HR
Threshold = 6'20/mi, 165HR
CD 8'17/mi, 175 HR

Wednesday 15th - S&C Work
Gym only had up to 20kg dumbells and nothing to jump off so did:
3x Split lunge - 28kg + Pogo
3x Glute Bridge 20kg + Hop and Stick
3x Split squat - 28kg + Pogo
3x core

Thursday 16th - rest day
Work has been crazy so it was useful not to need to do a run. Was going stir cazy by the end of the day though. This doesn't feel like enough miels.

Friday 17th - 45min easy + strides
Went out with the Mr before work again. It's ice running together. Need to get my head around doing a race tomorrow. Haven't really had a moment to think about it.

Stats: 44:32, 5.7miles, 7'42/mi, 165 HR

Saturday 18th - Eton & Windsor Half Marathon at Dorney Lake

Well. That didn't go well. Felt it in the quads and the breathing all the way around. Managed to hit 6'20/mi when I was out of the wind for part of the laps but the rest just wasn't happening (aka I didn't have the mental fortitude). Really struggled to kick myself into working hard once I knew the pb was slipping away. 1st Lady by 2 mins, but a bitter sweet victory as I ended up nearly 2 mins off a PB set in the hilly London Half Marathon.

Stats (I'm ashamed to share these...)

SplitsAvg Pace PaceAvg HRCadence

Sunday 19th - Rest Day