Training Log: 20-26th March

Monday 20th - 60 minutes Easy Run + Stretch
I was determined to get some joy out of the run this morning after last having had the stinky Half Marathon at the weekend. So, I jsut kept on going. It felt like quite hard work but if gave me time to think
Stats: 2:

02:50, 15.3 miles, 8'01/mi, 169HR (Didn't stretch. Really should)

Tuesday 21st - S&C work (Track optional)

S&C Work AM:
Split squat 3x  12 @ 25, 30, 30kg
Bridge 3x 12 @ 27.5kg
Squat 3x 12 @ 40, 40, 42.5

Was meant to be joining Mr B at Track in Harrow but he wasn't well so I went on my ow. It was great to get back to doing this kind of session, though I held back slightly as my alves were still feeling very tight after Saturday.
Run to track: 1:47:12, 12.9 miles, 8'16/mi, 138HR
Track 5x 1400 off 2mins (but not going full pelt)
5:30, 5:22, 5:24, 5:24, 5:25 =  (4.5miles 29:32)

Wednesday 22nd -  60 minutes Easy Run + Stretch
Pottering around before heading into work.
Stats: 1:12:52, 8.2miles, 8'48/mi, 143HR (didn't stretch. Really should)

Thursday 23rd - 10 minutes Warm Up, 6 x 10 minutes with a 90 second recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down - Alternate between Threshold and marathon Pace (1,3,5 at Threshold, 2,4,6 at Marathon Pace)

I was determined that after Dorney I was going to get my head down and go or it with this week's key sessions. It's mad how this workout tricks you into feeling that marathon pace is achievable, even though my pace is only seconds apart Still a bit confused though as I have a really high HR for all of these. It was hard work, harder than I'd like for the pace, but I got it done. Time to roller those toes.
Had a brutal but excellent massage from Hannah Stobbs in the evening. Now have bruised but un-knotted calf muscles!

WU = 8'02 142 BPM
1T= 6'24 184BPM
2MP=6'35 193BPM
3T=6'24 201BPM
4MP=6'30 194BPM
5T= 6'28 198 BPM
6MP =6'34 198 BPM
CD = 7'52 178BPM (elongated)

Friday 24th - 45 minutes Easy Run + Stretch
A quick loop down to Wembley and back before jumping on a train to Salford....and then back on a 3 hr 30 train to Reading that evening!
Stats: 59:08, 7.34miles, 8'04/mi, 141HR (didn't stretch. Really should)

Saturday 25th - 120 minute Long Run; Pick up middle 90 minutes to Marathon Pace
Stats: 2:12:46, 19.14 miles, 6'56/mi, 161 HR
Finally! Enjoyed this run so much more than all my recent big runs. I was in REading and needed to get it in early before Aunty duties kicked in. I intended to follow the river, got lost, followed that canal a bit, then went along the river in the other direction. I really want to go back and run it with no pressure some time. I did try a caffeinated gel (my only caffeine since the start of lent) just to check that it's not going to send my stomach crazy after so long without it. I won't have any more caffeine until the race now. No idea if it makes a difference but it can't hurt! Pleased to finally hit Marathon pace, albeit on a shorter run and with less time in the legs beforehand than ideal. Not sure what to think about Boston pace-wise at the moment but I'm excited about the e


Sunday 27th - 30min bodyweight conditioning
Full of roast chicken but just about made myself do the normal 3x circuit of:
Crab walk
Wall squat
Reverse wall touch
Bridge with fallout
YTW with theraband
PSOAS march
Core STR with mobility (kinda mountain climbers)

Total miles: 81 ... that feels better!