Training Log: 10th -16th April

(Look! I've finally turned comments on. Feel free to ramble at me.)

Monday 10th - 60 minutes Easy Run + Stretch
Stats: 1:04:15, 8.2 miles, 4'46/mi, 150bpm (with laptop in rucksack) Actually stretched and rollerd!

Tuesday 11th -  10 minutes Warm Up, 3 x 10 minutes at Threshold effort with a 90 second recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down
WU = 8'14/mi
2 = 6'24/mi
3= 6'06/mi
CD = 8'27/mi

Wednesday 12th - 30 minutes Recovery Run + Stretch
Stats: 30:55, 4.3 miles, 8'53/mi, 133pbm Didn't stretch as much as I should.

Thursday 13th - Rest day!

Friday 14th - 10 minutes Warm Up, 2 x 3 x 2 minutes at 5k Pace with a 45 second recovery between reps and a 3 minute recovery between sets, 10 minutes Cool Down
Stats: 38:45, 4.8 miles - pace varied but felt good
Catch flight 5.30pm and land in Boston, 7.25pm their time. 
Went to bed at 10pm US time and woke up 7am next day, so not bad going.

Saturday 15th - Rest Day / 40 minutes Easy Run
Stats: 37:38, 4.4miles, 8'32/mi, 141bpm
Jetlag doesn't seem to be an issue.... touch wood!

Sunday 16th - 20 minutes Easy Run + Strides
Stats: 20:57, 2.4 miles, 8'25/mi, 143bpm .
Slightly disturbed sleep but really fine, legs feel slugglish but I'm sure it'll be ok. It's hot though. Yikes.

And tomorrow, tomorrow we race. Gulp. 

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However it goes on Monday, thanks as always to Ben at Full Potential, the AR Collective, Soar Running, IAMRUNBOX and Harrow athletics club and of course Mr B for humouring me and making this training block fun, even through the winter)