Boston Marathon - Does chasing unicorns live up to the hype?

Just two more mentions of Boston (including this one) and then I'll shut up. Here I ponder whether it lives up to the hype and soon I'll post my race report and the answers to my "5 things I don't know about Boston Marathon" very soon. I know you can't wait! Read on...

Hopkinton Startline Boston Marathon BQ

I BQ'd in my first ever marathon. I don't say this to boast but rather to show how little I was 'in the know' about the prestige and history of this World Marathon Major. I wasn't aiming for a BQ at all because I didn't know such thing existed. I had never even heard of it until the sad event of the bombing in 2013. It took me 6 years between my first opportunity and finally banking my time, flying to Massachusetts and standing on the start line of the worlds oldest continuous modern marathon. 6 years when I could have been chasing unicorns. 

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Boston Marathon Startline