Training Log: 15th - 21st May

Monday 15th - Nothing
Spoke to BenFP and agreed to get physio diagsnosis as still hurting a lot. Struggled to walk much Sunday evening and to sleep, so worked from home.  Better in the morning and then worse again late evening. Went to Runners World Eastcote for physio. They checked the base of my feet to look at wear patterns, got me walking and jogging (painfully) on a treadmill, did some massage, got me to squat and generally poked and prodded.

Rock tape injury Kinectic tape

They think my left ankle is weak and the left plantar fascia, possibly caused by running funny when it hurt last week. I am a bit pigeon toed too. Apparently I also have wonky hips and the "bulk" of my quads is uneven... nice!! Oh, and my left shoulder tightens when they bend my right leg up. So, I've got my feet taped and rock tape on my ITB. I'm allowed to swim for 20-30mins with a pull buoy but not every day and  no stretching or anything else at the moment. Not that I could....

I have to go back on Saturday

Tuesday 16th - 30mins swim with pull-buoy
Hilarious. I rolled over like a barrel roll several times by accident, but I started to get the hang of it. So nice to at least feel like I'd done something. Still no improvement in my stupid bad-ass tough. Grr!

Wednesday 17th - 30mins swim with pull-buoy
More of the same.

Pull Buoy swimming speedo

Thursday 18th - walk to the tube and a 20min walk at lunch
Just trying to move a bit. Thought I was making progress and then felt like it was going backwards in the afternoon. Frustrating

Friday 19th - Walk to the tube + lunch walk but not far
Morning getting tube was tough work. I feel for people with proper mobility issues. Hanging out for physio tomorrow. Improved in the evening though. Still no stretching or massage - told to try and just let it all calm down.

Saturday - Walk + physio + watching
Had family staying so we went to the park in the morning - fun, even if I couldn't run around the edge with the small-one! Improved over lunch and my time I went to they physio it was much better, though I was still really nervous about getting on the treadmill. They are pleased with progress and did some more manipulation (not painful at all) and taped me up again *my feet look like ballerinas!). They also got me running in my current trainers to check them. Hurrah! My Nike Pegasus are ok. That makes me happy. Looks like the Adidas UltraBoost might be too soft and let me roll too much though. General consensus seems to be that it was the foot pain which caused fascia issues and then affected the piriformis.

I'm now allowed to swim every other day and alternate lengths with and without legs + 3x daily routine of pigeon pose, glute bride, cross-leg stretch and clam.

I've been thinking about it and I reckon maybe it's just the culmination of : extra travel with work, then an undulating Boston Marathon, lack of sleep due to jet lag, 2 bereavements, trying to sort out some other girly health stuff and just also the law of averages since I've not really been injured before.

It's annoying but heck, it's not going to stop me enjoying watching other people run. To that end I dragged the family to the NIght of the 10000m PBs at highgate. Which was fantastic.