Training Log 8th-14th May

Monday 8th - 60 minutes Easy Run + Stretch
Scrapped :( 30 min Swim instead because glute is still giving my pain and down my leg too. 

Tuesday 9th -  30 minutes easy // Track Session XXX Scrapped -  Instead,  3x10min crosstrainer
Scrapped:Instead,  BenFP said to try 3 x 10 min threshold on the  cross trainer if it wasn't painful. It was fine when on high resistance but a bit twingy when on the easy bits. Odd.
Thank goodness I have a coach to advise / stress at!!

Weds 10th - 50 minutes Easy Run XXXX Scrapped and instead -gentle test run
Went out for the test run and after 1 mile at 9/mi pace I was in agony. Tear at the side of regents park. Limped back for a bit, got bored and tried to jog and managed something so carried on, seemed to get better as I went so carries on for another 2 miles. Fine until I stopped and then was having issues standing once I had changed and gone back to work. Eased off again in the afternoon though.
+  evening short swim (in hindsight, I shouldn't have done breast stroke at this point but I didn't realise it was bad for it at the time) 
Stats: 1 + 1.9 miles, 9/mi & 7'58/mi

Thursday 11th - Should have been a rest day but was another test run
My uncles funeral today. Needed to run but it was slow progress. Possibly good for an ultra? Seeming unlikely. BUT by the end of the day I couldn't feel any twinges at all. How frustrating. One final test tomorrow - if I can get to work I can consider running the race.
Stats: 36:39 3.9miles, 9'15/mi

Friday 12th -  Should have been 30 easy ahead of the NDW50 but instead it was seeing if I could get to work
Felt totally normal for the first mile, then a bit of discomfort, then got more of an effort but I was past the tube option by then. Was sustainable unless I stopped at traffic lights, at which point it felt like I couldn't stand on my right leg enough to get going. Walk/jogged/hobbled to work. Definitely a clear answer, so that was good. No racing!
Stats: 1:28:32, 8.3miles, Av 10'35mi overall (including walking)

Saturday - Should have been NDW50 race - instead, helping at the Reigate aid station
Thanks to Stephanie for persuading me to do this. It was great fun taking down thenumbers an times of the runners as they came through. I love this photo of Svenja when she found out she was 4th lady at 31 miles in. She went on to take 2nd place!


Sunday - nothing
Not even stretching incase it agravates it. Late afternoon is worst.