Training Log: 5th - 11th June

I was signed off from the physio last saturday and the sports massage lady says my glutes / piriformis aren't actually tight. So, we're good to start pushing things.
YEAAAHHHH! Back to an actual training plan. 

Monday 5th - 40 minutes Easy Run + Stretch
Stats:  47:22, 6 miles, 7'50/mi, HR 168
+ physio stuff and drills

feet running trails soar

Tuesday 6th - 10 minutes Warm Up, 6 x 4 minutes at 90% (10k) effort with a 90 second recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down
This was brutal. It was windy, I'd had a horrible doctors appointment earlier that day (nothing serious - just stressy) and I couldn't run it off properly because I'm a) unfit and b) still in pain. GRR
Stats: 51:57, 6.3 miles
WU = 7'30/Mi, 134bpm
1= 6'24/mi 145bpm
2 = 6'31/mi 164bpm
3= 6'39/mi 158bpm
4=7'25/mi 165bpm
5= 7'14/mi 171bpm
6= ditched - 8'51/mi 160bpm
CD = 9'51/MI 149bpm (includes walk breaks)
+physio stuff and drills

Wednesday 7th - S & C
5 min v. easy WU on reclining bike (because I'm desperate for cardio)
3x12 x 30kg split squat - back to normal weight
3x15x27.5kg glute bridge - back to normal weight
3x12x40kg Squat - not quite back up to 45 but getting there
1x12x20kg deadlift - very light to help stretch the hamstrings
3x core set
10mins v easy CD on reclining bike (see above)
+physio stuff and drills

Thursday 8th - 40 minutes Recovery Run

After Tuesdays session of death and the last few weeks I just needed some running joy. I know exactly where to find it - Beigel Run. If I could only do one run every week it would probably be beigel run. Up early, hanging out with the ever-friendly AR collective and seeing the sights of london. All before work and rewarded with the best beigels that Brick lane has to offer. There's usually some daft jumping involved too.
Stats:  1:33:36, 7.7miles, 8'11/mi, 160bpm.
+physio stuff and drills

Friday 9th - Rest Day!
But I love core and stretching so much now I thought I'd do some. Mad what having your excercise restricted will make you do!
30mins Core session, 30mins stretch + drills

Saturday - 10 minutes Warm Up, 2 x (5,4,3,2,1) minutes at Threshold effort with a 60 second jog recovery between reps, 10 minutes Cool Down  
This is a session that I've really liked in the past. I know that I find the second 4 minutes the hardest because it's when the fatigue starts to kick in. I wasn't sure after Tuesday how this would go but I wanted to give it a good go. Mr B had said he needed to do a run too and agreed to do the session with me as long as I barked instructions. This was great because it meant I couldn't let myself off easy at traffic crossings and I couldn't have an emotional freak out (like I *might* have done on Tuesday). The downside of running with Mr B is that he doesn't like going out without breakfast or very early so we had to get up, have breakfast, do other stuff and eventually leave the house at 11am on a very hot day. I don't work well with later runs or with having eaten before but it was more than worth it to have him with me. I'm not going to lie, it was hard work. That second set in particular - I couldn't say anything when he asked me for directions and I've not been that sweaty and salty after a run in a long tim. But it felt SO good to really smash out some effort. I was feeling largely ok so we did an elongated cool down. I really wanted to get back to double figures as Mr B is running the Maverick Gloucestershire next Saturday and Ben FP says I can run too as long as I promise not to get grumpy that I can't run fast!

10.06 miles, 1:22:38 Didn't manage to jog the recoveries!
WU = 8'05, 164bpm
5= 6'22, 187bpm
4= 6'37, 182bpm
3= 6'32, 181bpm
2= 6'36, 176bpm
1= 6'01, 172bpm
2mins break
5= 6'41, 178bpm
4= 7'30, 180bpm
2= 6'44, 168bpm
3= 6'58, 178bpm
1= 6'11, 192bpm
extended CD = 8'42, 173bpm