Training Log: 12th - 18th June

Monday 12th - 40 mins easy
Oops. I was looking at the next week and saw 50mins easy and though 'well it's not much more than that to run into work' so I went for it! Anyway. I made it in one piece which was a hige confidence boost.
Stats: 1:26:34, 10.6 Miles, 8/17/mi,160bpm + physio excercises

Tuesday 13th - Track: 3 sets of 5x400 of 60s with 3 mins between sets
This was going to be the telling one, trying to do two days in a row and see how it went. Coach Dave was on a well deserved holiday so I ended up co-ordinating the session. It was *hard* running 400s and I felt sick most of the time. Lovely. But I was determines to finish unless there was a very good reason. Bearing in mind that I should be able to run 1:20 for a 400 these are pretty off, but it was good to get some speed going again. Third set was uncomfortable but quickly rectified but a hockey ball in the behind.

Set 1: 1:23 1:25 1:26 1:28 1:30
Set 2: 1:29 1:28 1:30 1:29 1:31
Set 3: 1:32 1:28 1:30 1:30 1:29
+ physio excercises

Wednesday 14th - Gym Time! S&C Work
Still not quite up to full load, but getting there. Also have been keeping off the plyos. I tried a bit but hop and stick didn't feel good so I backed out.
3x12x30kg split squat + low box jumps
3x12x27.5kg glute bridge
3x12x40kg squat
12x20kg deadlift to try it out
3x core + physio excercises

Thursday 15th - Beigel Run!
I enjoyed beigel run so much last week that I swapped my working from home day to do the same again.Massiver breakthrough - realised I hadn't even been thinking about the #badass for some of it. 
Stats:1:20:21, 9.7miles, 8'15ac, 152bpm

Friday 16th: Rest Day  
Except that Adidas Runners were doing a swimming recovery session an I got a place, so I went to that. It was great! I do like how the technical side of swimming is very rewarding. Small changes can make a big difference. I guess it feels easier to apply because I'm new to it?

Saturday 17th - Inov8 Original Maverick Race Gloucestershire


Test time! 14 miles up and down trail hills. It was also going to be Mr B 's first ever trail race and we had agreed that we would run together. It was flipping hot - about 26c and one of the hillier Original Mavericks (though nothing compared to some of the BUff Series ones)
We had fun, got very sweaty, didn't get sunburned, missed a turning that meant we only rand 12.4 miles and both survived. We even got to see AvO, Cajsa and Laura(not pictured)
Then we pottered off to spend the rest of the weekend in the cotswolds. Bliss.
Stats: 1:53:39.,12.4 miles, 9'08/mi, 170bpm


Sunday 18th - 30mins conditioning