Training Log: 19th - 25th June

Monday 19th - 50 minutes Easy Run + Stretch
Ran to work with laptop. Boy was it hot out there AND I had the laptop in my bag. But I still managed the run commute and a bit extra. Wahoo! I ended up over at the other office and it's at least 20mins quicker to run home than get the tube from there so it was great to have the option. Need to keep a lid on my love of miles though and make sure I don't overdo it.
To work = 1:34:09, 10miles, 9'25/mi, 147bpm
To home (v hot)  = 58:55, 6.5miles, 8'57/mi, 151bpm
+ 1 hr Pilates class
+ physio excercises

Tuesday 20th - Track
By heck, it's still hot out there. Great to be able to confidently go to track. I think I can start ignoring the backside again soon. 
I jogged to track from the tube and then had in mind to jog home if I could - mainly because they was my only transport option outside an onerous bus journey.
A big thankyou to Phil who was my motivation to keep trying during the session. He was powering around track and I knew if I could not let him get any further away after the first 200 then I would get an ok pace. I hope your Masters race went will Phil. Much respect

Harrow Athletic Track

To track from tube =26:58, 3m, 8'51/mi, 152bpm
Track - 3x 4x 500 off 60s / 3mins
1=1'51 2=1'53 3=1'52 4=1'53
1=1'55 2=1'52 3=1'54 4=1'54
1=1'54 2=1'56 3=1'54 4=1'54
Easy run home - 54:46, 5.9m, 9'10/mi, 150bpm
+ physio excercises

Wednesday 21st - S&C work
Still stuck at the other office so for the sake of a lie in, I jogged into work again. Still hot, still making me smile. It did mean that a) the weights felt harder because I'd run before and b) I had to wing the weights session a bit because that gym doesn't have the full set on offer.
Run to work = 54:05, 6.5m, 8'16/mi, 161bpm
3x12x 22.5kg goblet squat
3x12x27.5kg glute bridge
1x12x20kg = 2X 12X25kd deadlift
3x core set
+ evening 30mins stretching

Nike Pegasus 22

Thursday 22nd - 50 minutes Easy Run + Stretch
I love  how motivated this injury has made me at doing stretching / yoga. I found a hamstring and foot session for today.
1:43, 6.5m, 8'03/mi, 158bpm
+PM 40mins stretch/yoga
+physio excercises

Friday 23rd - 10 minutes Warm Up, 4 x 6 minutes at Threshold effort with a 90 second recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down
Here we go then... after a tough attempt at 6x 4mins two weeks ago it was time to see how different this felt. The effort was still a big one, but the #badass only made any kind of impact on the last rep. I used some hills for the cool down. I think I'd like to aim to always include a hill somewhere in a sesion
49:35, 6.3 miles, 166bpm
1=6'42, 2=6'46,  3=6'27 (felt great!) , 4=6'51 (felt knackered and bum was grumpy)

Saturday 24th - 60mins easy long run
Mr B and I enjoyed last weekends trail run & pub combo that we decided we'd find a nice place to go for a run off-road that had a good pub as its start / finish. We headed out to Harefield to the Old Orchard and laced up. Through the gate, into the forest, down the hill.... UH OH! 10 seconds in and on a slight decline I hit a rock at a bad angle and rolled my ankle onto the outside. I was in agony for a good few minutes but after putting my shoe back on and testing a bit it felt ok so we walked to the bottom of the hill and jogged through the field. It felt fine to start with but after a couple of minutes it just felt slightly uncomfortable and Mr B wisely counselled that it just wasn't worth risking it. So.... we went back to the pub, got changed and Mr B got some ice in a towel from the bar. We spent a few relatively happy hours reading the  papers and eating food. When I went to get up it was definitely uncomfortable but didn't seem to be swelling. A couple of hours later though it was a different story. 

So... just as I was starting to enjoy the miles again... my plans are scuppered. I feel better about this injury though (I think I can call this one an injury) because it's more visible/tangible. Though some googling has got me concerned about how long you're meant to wait. Hmm,  let's see how this goes then.

Sunday 25th - Should have been 30mins conditioning - actually ice an evelate
I've said it before - I'll do anything to get out of those conditioning sessions.

sprained ankle

There's an ankle - MINGING! -  in there somewhere (excuse the runner's feet)