Training Log: 22nd May - 4th May

No official plan. Ben and I chatted through what the physio said and agreed to stick to swimming until I was given the go ahead for cross training. The theory is still that this is a very very annoying but not insurmoutable piriformis issue which was caused by a bruised left foot and subsequently weak plantar fascia which lead me to compensate and screwed up my right hand side. As of Monday 22nd I'm still taped up, allowed to do 30mins swim every other day, predominatly with a pull bouy. No massage yet so that it doesn't make the #badass angry.

Mon 22nd - 30min front crawl, with legs + physio exercises with theraband
Tues 23rd - Physio exercises ( no theraband)
Weds 24th - 30 mins front crawl with pull buoy + physio exercises with theraband
Thursday 25th - physio excercises
Friday 26th - 30mins front crawl - mostly pull-buoy + physio exercises
Saturday 27th - Physio appointment + 30mins front crawl with pull buoy

I'm now un-taped. Hurrah! We're going to start testing things next week. Excited and terrified!
Sunday 28th - Light swim + Sunday 30 minute S&C routine
Yikes that S&C is hard after a while off!

Monday 29th - Sunday 30 mins S&C set, Physio exercises, 30mins stretch + WATCHING THE BOYS RUN THE VITALITY LONDON 10K

Vitality London 10k race Harrow Athletics Club

It was so much fun to be on the cheering side for once. Only the 4th race Mr B has ever done and he ran a 32minute 10k. Jammy so and so!!
I've started using Youtube videos by Millionaire Hoy, who sounds like a muppet from his name but I think he's really good. 30 mins of engaging and realistic stretching.

Tuesday 30th - 3x core set  (30mins) + track test (3x 1k with big rests) + physio stuff and extra stretching and rollering
I know, it seems very odd to go back to track as the first test, but I think my physio suggested this because a) she'll be there and can keep an eye on me and b) it's a structured way to back sure I don't try and do more than I'm meant to. Ben FP also agreed it. So I wasn't playing fast and loose!
I'll be honest, I was really nervous. I was really worried that it would go back to hurting as much as it did the first week. It definitely felt odd and heck it felt HARD on the effort level. I was wheezing my way around! By the 3rd rep it was painful at the start but loosened towards the end. More importantly though, it stopped hurting much quicker afterwards than it has been. 

Harrow Athletics Track Tuesday

Wednesday 31st
Gym - 25kg split suqts, 27.5kg Glute Bridge, 30kg, squat. Core sets + stretches and drills

Thursdays 1st June - 15 easy, 15 steady, 15 easy
Stats: 45:13, 5.93miles
Easy = 7'51/mi
Steady = 7'10/mi
Easy = 7'54/mi
av HR 171 + core session

Friday 2nd - 30 mins Cross training
Ha... this smacks of desperation!! Just doing anything I'm allowed to do.
15min cross trainer (making sure it was a high knees one)
10 min recubmant bike
5 min treadmill
5 min cross trainer
+  25 min swim
+ 30 mins stretch session

Saturday 3rd - Orion forest 5 //  1 hr easy
I was signed up for the excellent Orion Forest 5 race but in the end I decided that I'd be too annoyed at not being able to run competitively and it could be a bit soul destroying. Also, if I was allowed an hour I was jolly well going to do a full hour! I was feeling it by the end both in effort and discomfort but it was a different kind of discomfort and I managed to grind out 9miles.
Stats:  1:15:23, 9.4mi,  8:00/mi, 163bpm

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 18.40.25.png

Sunday 4th - 30 Mins conditioning
So... next week we try and actually interval session