Training Log: 3rd to 9th July 2016

Monday 3rd - 45 minutes Easy / Steady Cross Training
AM- 30mins on bike and 20mins on XC on steep hill setting. 
PM 40mins: 10 recumbent bike, 10 XC, 10bike, 10 XC

bbc club gym

Tuesday 4th - 10 minutes Warm Up, 3 x 10 minutes at Threshold effort with a 90 second recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down - done on cross Trainer
I  got really bad stomach cramp in second interval and had to give in at the end of it. It was bend-double type stuff.  So, I missed last interval and CD. Sorry. Plan to try it again tomorrow.

Wednesday 5th - AM: 30 minutes Easy Cross Training // PM: S&C Session
AM S&C - because I know I've been sturggling to sleep this week and needed to get the important bit done first in case I was too tired after work. It still feels really hard even though I'm on much lighter weights then before. Grr.
3X12X 25KG Deadlift but not all the way down + 1x12x20kg deadlift all the way
3x12x20kg split lunge + 1x12x30kg split lunge
3x12x40kg squat
3x core routine

PM Yesterday's threshold session done on the cross trainer done properly. Hurrah! I had been instructed by Ben FP to "make it minging and really push it at the end of each section". So, a very sweaty hour later it was done.

Thursday 6th -45  minutes Easy / Steady Cross Training
Actually 50mins done as 25mins recumbent bike, 10 mins XC, 15mins bike. Couldn't cope with the idea of 45mins on the XC again!

Friday 7th - AM: 30 minutes Easy Run (lets test it out) // PM: 10 minutes Warm Up, 6 x 5 minutes with a 90 second recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down - Alternate between Threshold and 10k Effort (1,3,5 at Threshold, 2,4,6 at 10k Pace) - done on cross trainer
Actually did the XC session early doors, followed straight away by the run before work. Mr B and I were going out straight after work so I wanted to get both done and dusted. The ankle felt weird - not naturally pushing off, but by the end of 30mins I was forgetting it wasn't normal. Concerningly though I did feel the Piriformis a little. Will need to watch that. Regardless - a gorgeous morning and great to be out again.
Stats: 31:01, 3.9miles, 7'48/mi, 164bpm

Saturday 8th - Was a swim but after yesterday Ben FP sanctioned a 1 hr 15 min long run
It's slightly sad not being able to just settle into a pottering long run and enoy it but it's good to be back out there. Decided to put away the watch and just record the run in my pocket. I set a route and went and then made myself do an extra loop at the end. The result...
Stats: 1:34:56, 11.2miles, 8'28/mi

Sunday 9th - 30mins S&C
Note to self - if you've made sunday roast for 6 friends and partaken as well, then s&C is not going to be comfortable.

Miles: 15.2 (small victories)