Training Log: 10th - 16th July 2017

A last minute chance to go and help BBC Sport in Wales with their coverage of  the World Para Athletics World Championships means that this week I find myself with a new place to run but also with no gym access. Hurrah for BenFP who works out what to do when I throw injuries and changes of plan at him.

Monday 10th - 45mins Easy
AM: 53:31, 6.3mi, 8'26/m, 156bpm  + train journey
PM 1:01:37, 7 mi, 8'42/mi, 148bpm exploring my new 'hood , finding out where to do tomorrow's session and 15mins stretching tight hamstrings


Tuesday 11th - 10 minutes Warm Up, 4 x 6 minutes at Threshold effort with a 90 second recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down
Stats: 54:42, 6.9mi
Ugh, thought i was doing ok, only to find this when I got home...
1= 7'01, 160bpm
2 = 7'19, 156bpm
3 = 7'01, 154bpm
4 = 7'13, 158bpm
Was planning to do an easy run in the evening but it was chucking it down and I was absolutely exhausted anyway

Wednesday 12th - AM: REST (or easy run if you don't run Tuesday Evening!) // PM: 30 minutes Conditioning in hotel
Hmmm. The AM run felt like really hard work for something that should have been easy.
Went for a long walk in the sun after work but then was wiped out and it took all my resolve to do the conditioning session. Being with BBC Sport is ace, they are all proper sports fans!
Stats:31:02, 3.6mi, 8:28/mi, 158bpm - felt hard for an easy run
PM: Conditioning done. longish walk PM

Thursday 13th - AM: 30 minutes Conditioning - focus on core // PM: 7 Mile Run with Local Club
Being in an AirBnB it felt a little awkward doing my exercise as I'm sure they can hear thumps and grunt! Still, did it. In the evening I jogged up to the home of Les Croupiers, which is Cardiff's main running club to join their evening medium run (they do 5,7 or 10 miles) there were about 80 people there in total with loads doing a 5k beginners group. They were really friendly and I ended up running with a guy called Mick McGeoch  who organises the Barry40 and has a wealth of interesting running tales. I wasn't sure if I could hold 8min miles at the moment (I know... seems weird) but I managed it thanks to Mick's company. Hurrah! Felt a bit like a runner again. The ankle was feeling a bit uncomfortable after and overnight - still can't sit back on my heels.
Run to club 2.2 miles
Club run 7.1miles 8/mi,
2.2 run back - ankle uncomfortable later in the evening and at nights

Friday 14th - AM: 10 minutes Warm Up, 8 x 1:30 on (85-90% effort) with 1 minute Steady Jog Recovery, 2 minutes Recovery, 10 x 1 minute on (90%+ effort) with 1 minute Easy Jog Recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down
Thought I was trying really hard and I never really pay attention to splits when the reps a are this short but seriously! Not even going there. I realise this all sounds quite negative and yes, every run is an effort at the moment but I'm plugging away and I know it'll come and that's half the fun of training.
Stats: 1:00:52, 7miles


Saturday 15th - 90 minutes Easy / Steady Long Run + Stretch
In Reading visiting the Sis and family. Went out with Mr B who is, frustratingly, faster and able to run further than me at the moment! Not fair!! Was great though - really helped having someone keeping a decent pace. Even managed a couple of 7'33/mi in there before he went off and did some speedy miles on ihis own and I ground out another 4 because stubborn-me wanted to get 13 miles in. It's great running along the Thames from Caversham
Stats: 1:46:22, 13miles, 155bpm average

Sunday 16th - 30 minutes Body Weight Conditioning Work
Er, ok so I managed two thirds of this before feeling guilty and going downstairs to join the niece and nephew. PM Mr B and I traveled back to Cardiff and I wasn't about to make him sit in the hotel room while I did conditioning work. Annoyed at myself for not just getting up and doing it AM.

Total miles: 55.8 - most since sometime in April!