Training Log: 26th June - 2nd July

Monday 26th - Should have been 50 mins easy run + stretch
Actually:  30 mins (PM) swimming with pull-buoy. There's a comedy story to tell there, but I'll save that for another time.

I called work to let them know I'd be working from home so that I could RICE the ankle as much as possible. Although I wouldn't normally bother the doctor about this sort of thing, there was an appointment going spare so I went it. They confirmed it was just a sprain and said the mobility was good. She asked me how I was with pain! Now, I thought I was good with it but the #badass has made me wonder otherwise, but the ankle certainly does not require the ibuprofen/other that she suggested. Interestingly she also said to keep walking around on it and not to bandage it as it will get better quicker. Quite glad I went!

Tuesday 27th -  Should have been track
Actually: nothing. Can walk fine now and in no pain. Just creaky, very bruise and (less) swollen. Pow-wow with BenFP who was pleased with the progress. We agreed I'd do the S&C session tomorrow and try a little 10min warm-up on the Cross Trainer. If that went ok then I'd do a normal session but on the XC on Thursday. This is when having a coach really helps. It's great to have someone who knows stuff so I can not be second guessing what I should be doing.

Wednesday 28th - S&C +10 XC warmup
Warmup went ok. Felt odd but not painful. Weirdly it feels like the #badass is coming back to play. Maybe it's because I'm walking weird? Or it's ALL IN MY HEAD! 
30kg split squat (being careful)
27.5kg glute bridge (felt hard)
40kg squat (felt hard... grr. Should be back to 45 by now surely?)
3x core

Thursday 29th - 10 minutes Warm Up, 2 x (6,5,4,3,2,1) minutes at Threshold effort with a 60 second jog recovery between reps, 10 minutes Cool Down - Done on Cross Trainer
Four things.
1) Oh my goodness I ache from yesterday. Seriously. I wasn't even lifting as much as I've done before.
2) Doing a session on an XC is sweaty.
3) You need something to get you through 1hr+ with the same view in a basement gym FOr me, it was Dr Who.
4) I successfully monopolised it for 1 hr 15 without getting any evil looks. MUHAHA (Actually there's another one and no one was using that anyway. I'm not that mean)
4a) Get me outside!

BBC Club Gym W1


Friday 30th - AM: 30 minutes Conditioning at Home // PM: Swim (45 mins or so)
I had a random day off, as I'd originally been planning to race on Saturday AM and had a busy PM, so wanted the time. Now clearly I won't be racing tomorrow but it was nice to have the day off. In the morning I went to take supplies to some of the ARCollective who were running the Bridges Ultra (see the route here). It's totally for fun and it crosses all the london bridges across the thames, covering 30miles. If you want to run it there's a group doing it on the 6th Aug. After that I pootled up to the Oasis Leisure centre to use their outside pool for a 50mins swim. That's the longest I've ever swum! I can't say it was continuous as I have to stop and catch my breat for a couple of seconds at the end of each length but it was as close as I can get. Annoyingly I've still  got DOMs from Weds! Should be gone my now. Hrmph. Oh, also there was an amusing moment at the pool but I'll tell you about that another time.
S&C at home in the evening done. Yep... EXTRA S&C. 

Oasis Leisure Centre Outdoor Pool London

Saturday 1st - Rest Day
We were hosting a bunch of friends for a BBQ so actual this worked out well. I was meant to be running the Orion Harriers Forest 5 though, which I loved last year. So far I've missed two for injury. Ah well!

Sunday 2nd - S&C at home
Done. Still a tiny bit of acheyness in the legs but almost gone now and the #badass has gone away again. Ankle is improving really well. I keep running across the road and then remembering. We're going to test it at the end of next week.