Training Log: 17th - 23rd July 2017

Monday 17th - AM: 30 minutes Recovery Run // PM: Run Club Session (They do "speed sessions" on Mondays in the summer)
AM - Out around cardiff bay in the sun. Nice to see it in different weather to when I ran the IAAF World Half Marathon Champs here!
Stats: 29:30, 3.8miles, 7'40/mi. 160bpm. Out around Cardiff bay. Gorgeous.
PM - Les Croupiers Run Club. In a field near the Taff we did drills, some pickups and then some short relay intervals. I'm still a bit nervous about running at speed on grass and turning at the same time so I didn't work as hard as I should have.
To RC 27:05, 2.9m, 9'14/mi, 137bpm.
RC WU+other bits 3miles
Home from RC 38:39, 4.4miles, 8'45/mi 144bpm

Doctor Who Cardiff Bay Experience

Tuesday 18th - AM: 30 minutes Recovery Run (Can be a bit longer) // PM: 30 minutes Conditioning Work
AM - to the bay again - ankle still swollen and still feel hip / piri' sometimes
Stats: 43:07, 5miles, 8'33/mi, 144bpm
PM= jog home from work with Laptop
Stats: 31:20, 3.5miles, 8'54/mi, 138bpm
+ 30mins of the Core Routine (plank, sideplank, hollow hold, superman, glutebridge, leg raise, etc)

Wednesday 19th - 10 minutes Warm Up, 6,5,4,3,2,1 minutes at Threshold effort with a 60 second jog recovery between reps, 10 minutes Cool Down

Taff Trail Cardiff Bay

Oh. My. Got very lost on this run. You'd think it would be easy to run round a bay. No. I got excited finding a signpost, but 5 mins later the path split and there was no signpost. Still, I've not run anything under 7/mi for a long time so I'm happy with that. Time to get to work.

Total miles for session = 9.3
WU  - 8'32/mi
6= 6'37
5= 6'41
4= 6'47
3= 6'43
2= 6'34
+ a 4.41 mile CD getting lost! (8'44/mi)

Thursday 20th - AM: 30 minutes Conditioning Work // PM: 10 Miles With Running Club

Castell Coch

Did the bodyweight conditioning routine despite my brain's loud protestations
PM - Les Croupiers evening long run. They offer 5,7, or 10 miles. After hanging on for dear life to do the 7 mile last week I was worried about the 10. It turned out the only 5 of us were doing the 10 and it was a lovely sociable pace. It's a good thing they didn't warn me about the beasting hill up to the castle at half way though!
Run to club = 34:29, 4.2miles, 8'11/mi, 149bpm
Club Run = 1:29:52, 9.6miles,9'21/mi, 149bpm
Back to hotel = 25:44, 3 mile, 8'24/mi no HR. 

Friday 21st - Rest Day
I was SOOOO ready for this. Also, travelled back to London and it was chucking it down with rain all day, so good timing.

Saturday 22nd - 2hr steady/easy run

Dollis Valley Green WAlk Urabn Trail Running

Mr B is marathon training at the moment so I've done long runs with him a bit but I was adamant I wanted to get this done first thing, which I know is not his preference. We compromised by leaving at 8:30 (I'd have gone at 7) and decided to explore the Dollis Valley Greenwalk  which runs for 10miles from the north London greenbelt down to Hampstead heath. It's still quite muggy and I'm just getting hot quite easily at the moment. It was a funny one. I went from moment where I loved it as was having no problems to having to stop because I could barely breathe. I was glad to get home but also glad to know I could do 18 miles unfuelled after 17miles only 2 days before. Mr B cruised it. I can't wait to see what he does at Chester Marathon.

Stats: Very stop start because of gates / stiles etc. 2:25:30, 17.8miles, 8'09/mi(when moving) + 1.2miles home from a post office stop

Dollis Valley Greenwalk


Sunday 23rd - 30 mins conditioning
Always the hardest mental battle of the week but it's done!

Total miles: 68.1 That's looking better :)