Training Log: 24th - 30th July 2017

Sleep has been better this week which has helped massively. I've hit 1k reps, a threshold session and a long run. I've had the desire to extra runs and the "ooh i've got a long run tomorrow" excitement back. yey! Next weekend... a race. ARGH?!

Monday 24th - 50 minutes Easy Run + Stretch
Actually - ran into work because I'd have to get up so early to do 50mins at home and then get to work that it makes more sense just to run into work.
Then after work I was going to a BBQ at a friends house and whilst I was tired, it looked like it was going to be only 10mins more to run than to tub it, so I ran. Trying to get myself into the "running is easy" mindset again. Not so much of the stretching. oops. 
AM = 1:14:05, 8.1miles, 9'09/mi, 140bpm
PM = 1:04:37, 7.1 miles, 9'02/mi, 133bpm

Tuesday 25th - AM: 30 minutes Recovery Run // PM: Track Session

Harrow Athletics Club Track Tuesday

I was at a disaster recovery rehearsal with work in the morning which should have finished at lunchtime but in the end I didn't get home until 3 so did my easy 30 on a very hungry stomach before scoffing some "lunch". Then off to track to do 6x1l of strict 75s recoveries. I was a bit depressed by the splits given that it felt all out and would still get me no where near what I've done 10-in-a-row of for my 10k PB but Ben FP said he was happy for the start of thing... ever the optimist!

After lunch: 30:14, 3.8 miles, 7'57/mi, 153bpm
PM: 1k reps of: 4:01, 3:56, 4:01, 4:06, 4:02, 4:04 

Wednesday 26th - AM: 30 minutes Recovery Run // PM: Gym Session

Yep, I'm pretty hot and sleepy!

Yep, I'm pretty hot and sleepy!

Went out with Mr B for the recovery run, which meant he pulled me around a bit quicker. Oh how the tables have turned. He he. I was grateful. 
I was dreading the post work gym session just because I find the gym after work way harder than doing it early, but actually I enjoyed it and even did some extra bits. I was taking it careful with the weights and focussing on form.

AM: 29:47, 3.8miles, 7'42/mi, 159bpm
PM: 25kg split squat, 27.5kg glute bridge, 35kg sqaut, 3x core, 2x15 medicine ball situp w/overhead, 3x10 situp bench, 2x 30 russian twist w/ball

Thursday 27th - 60 minutes Easy Cross Training - include 1,2,3,4,3,2,1 minutes at 90% with a 60 second recovery in the middle (sorry!!)
I love that BenFP even apologised for this! Actually apart from post weights DOMS it was fine. Done as10 w/u + intervals on reclining bike, 15 XC, rest on normal bike. Slept really badly last night though so very tired.

Friday 28th - 10 minutes Warm Up, 4 x 8 minutes at Threshold effort with a 90 second recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down
I had been dreading this one all week and with the lack of sleep and DOMs from the day before I just wanted to get it done. The first was hard but ok, second felt like I was flying and then the 3rd was awful - was convinced I was over 7'/mi though so was happy just to nudge under. 4th was better again but would have liked to claw back more. I think it's getting used to the mindset of these sessions again. Nice to get back to it and now looking forward to the reward - a lovely long run tomorrow. Did a little extra evening easy run to blow the cobwebs away. Might regret that tomorrow!

 1:01:05, 7.5 miles, 154bpm
Reps= 6'46, 6'41, 6'57, 6'49.
Extra PM : 26:25, 3.1mi, 8:16/mi, 139bpm

Saturday 29th - 120 minutes Easy / Steady Long Run

er.... what is that?!

er.... what is that?!

Did the same route as last week but on my own with podcasts for company this time. Some of it was ace, some of it I had to talk myself around. I was determined though either to hit a better pace than last week or to do more miles. It ended up being the latter. 

2:45:28, 19.8mi, 8:21/mi, 145bpm 

Sunday 30th - Bodyweight conditioning
Gosh, I really noticed that the quads are feeling less tight again. Hurrah.

Total miles: 58.2miles