Training Log: 21st - 27th August 2017

Holiday! Running around beautiful bits of cornwall (though the hills are tough on the city legs). Also, now we've told the parents I can come clean and say that I'm carrying a small hitch-hiker and will be until around the end of Feb next year. So, that's why the post-injury fight back has been slower! I have the ok to keep training, just with the knowledge that it can change from day to day and that the results will be variable. I'm going to stick to this being a running blog, not a baby/mum-runner one, but I will occasionally post about how it's affecting running. When I do that I'll make it clear so you can avoid them if you're bored by it! 

Right, onwards!

Monday 21st - 60 minutes Easy Run
Arrived in Newquay after staying in Exeter last night. Only managed 40 in the afternoon due to holiday timings. I am was trying very hard to be chilled about sessions but also not slack off. The family are the priority this week. My legs still feel really heavy. Also it's quite hilly round here!

Did 30mins conditioning late evening (because I missed it on Sun 20th)
Stats: 41:06, 4.7 miles, 8'44/mi, 144bpm (some of it more exploring that running) 

Newquay headland view seaside cornwall soarrunning

Tuesday 22nd - 10 minutes Warm Up, 6 x 5 minutes with a 90 second recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down - Alternate between Threshold and 10k Effort (1,3,5 at Threshold, 2,4,6 at 10k Pace) Wow, well that was interesting. Was finding it hard anyway (due to my little hitchhiker maybe or maybe just being lame) but also there's a lot of big hills so some massively varying splits- 7'25,7'06,7'20,6'19,9'20,6'24 - the 6'24 the end was on flatish so more fair the others not so much - up hill or very downhill or just very slow!!

Atlantic hotel newquay

Stats: 57:58, 7 miles 153bpm, 

Wednesday 23rd - 60 minutes Easy Run + Stretch
AM = 59:02, 6.4miles, 9'08/mi, 141bpm around the coast hilly route
The drove over the Padstow for 1 night. 
PM = 57:01, 7 miles, 8'08/mi, 141bpm + 30mins core because it was a Wednesday, even though it wasn't in the plan. Check me!! 

Thursday 24th -10 minutes Warm Up, 3 x 12 minutes at Threshold effort with a 90 second recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down
Thanks to recommendations from the MIL-Bland and fellow insta-runners I finally found a flat part of cornwall!  The Camel trail is great and full of runners doing sessions even at 6ish in the morning! I really enjoyed this. I realise that in the past I would have been disappointed by these splits but things change and I was pretty pleased with this. I didn't stop at all to cross any roads, didn't have to bully myself through it and managed to stay fairly consistent.
Next stop, St Neot nr Bodmin.

Stats: 10.4 miles 1:22:13
1= 6'55 162bpm 2 = 6'56 162bpm 3 = 6'57 163bpm

Friday 25th - 30 minutes Conditioning Work Done! + a fair amount of walking up and down hills today

Saturday 26th - 150 minutes Easy / Steady Long Run

Back on the up and down for half of it, flatter later. Wasn't sure at all at the start if I could get through that far/ long. Managed to stay at 8'/mi feeling easy on the flat bits. I ran with Mr B and was very grateful as he always takes water and I needed it. It got pretty hot later (becasue we went out later than normal) and unfortunately he hit the wall 2 hrs in. We also got lost so had to abort at 2hr 20 and get taxi home. I was quite glad too - I don't see to hit the wall but I was having to talk myself through it. 
Stats: 2:17:05, 16,miles, 8/31/mi, 146bpm

Sunday 27th - 30 minutes Body Weight Conditioning Work
Er... Done on Monday! We were too busy taking part in the World Smite Championships!

Total Miles = 51.8