Training Log: 4th - 10th Sept 2017

Monday 4th - Easy run to work

Got absolutely soaked!

hollywood runner nike pegasus

That was wet and hard work! Was going to run home in the evening but had a stinking headache and felt wiped out. I did make it to a very gentle pilates session though which was just what I needed
1:31:30, 10miles, 9'06/mi, 140bpm

Tuesday 5th - AM: 30 minutes Recovery Run // PM: Track Sessio

AM run to work Hard work. Still got yesterdays headache.
PM Run from tube to track
Track = 3x 800,400,800 off 75s with 3mins between sets. Still had the headache at the start but it was gone by the end... you can see it go in the times!
Set 1: 
800= 3:19
800= 3:09
Set 2: 
800= 3:14
800= 3:12
Set 3: 
800= 3:08
800= 3:07

AM: 1:08:28, 8.0 miles, 8'29/mi, 140bpm.
PM: 47:55, 5.5miles, 8'56/mi, 132bpm  + Track  3.9miles total, 25mins.

Wednesday 6th -  Gym Session

bbc gym pregnant

No run into work as legs felt dead yesterday so being senible / a wuss!
Gym: 30kg Split lunges, 30kg Glute bridges, 42.5kg Squats + plyo + 3x core

Thursday 7th - 10 minutes Warm Up, 10 x 1:30 on (85-90% effort) with a 1 minutes Steady Jog Recovery, 2 minutes Rest, 10 x 1 min on (90%) with a 1 min Easy Jog Recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down
Done but not with the flow of last weeks session, but done. Getting a sports massage afterwards as the hip/piriformis is feeing raaaaather toight!!
Stats: 1:13:11, 9 miles, av HR 154bpm

Friday 8th - Easy run to work
Getting wet through again! Ran to primrose hill to meet AdidasRunners for a hills technique session. They were slow hills and only 5 of them. 1:43:14, 11miles, 9'30/mi OA, 132bpm

primrose hill grey runner runcommute

Saturday 9th - 90 minutes Easy Long Run
1:49:28, 14miles, 7'46/mi, 159bpm Pacing Mr B to 8min miles for first 7, then a few quicker with him and then some plodding at the end. I enjoyed this so much! Felt great for those first 7 miles. Just like it was no effort at all and I could keep going for ever. However, stpeeing up to 7:45 / 7:30 etc was a big change.  No idea what to aim for at Harrow. I think maybe anything under 1:30 is unrealistic. Right now I'd like to stay inside London Marathon GFA (3:45) at Chester but 5 weeks is a long time in preggo land and I suspect I'll be a lot slower). I mean I don't really care -  I really am enjoying it all regardless at the moment!

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 22.14.44.png

Sunday 10th - 30 minutes Body Weight Conditioning Work 

Total miles: 61.6miles