Training Log: 31st July - 6th Aug 2017

Getting to race.. YESS...with (aka after) Mr B... Double-YESS!

Monday 31st - Easy run to work
I had a hospital appointment in the morning so I did a little, short easy run beforehand. I knew I would be at the slightly closer office in the afternoon, so I could run home from there and the miles would be roughly the same... except I ended up extending the run home a bit... oopsie! I'm just enjoying being able to do double runs now. 

AM = 25:46, 3.3miles, 7'38/mi (last mile 6'38 though mostly downhill but hey!), 154bpm
PM =1:05:15, 8.0mi , 8:07/mi, 141bpm

Tuesday 1st - AM: 30 minutes Recovery Run, PM Track

Morning run was a bit more than 30mins because I was in the W12 office again and it's about 25mins quicker to get there my running, even when I'm slow!
Track was a pyramid session working from 400->800 and back down again with 1 min recoveries in between and 3mins between the two 800s. Tough work and frustrating not to be able to hit 3minute 800s but there's definite progress and I'm pleased by last 400 was faster than the 1st. Shows I should have been trying harder!!
AM = 57:56, 6.8mi,8:27/mi,141bpm
PM = Track Session
400 1:31
500 1:52
600 2:20
700 2:44
800 3:10
<<3min rest>>
800 3:11
700 2:47
600 2:23
500 1:58
400 1:28

Wednesday 2nd - AM: 30 mins easy // PM Strength Session

Again, in the w12 office so ran there. I'd got up super early so that I could get the strength session in straight away at the end of the run and before work. I find it much easier to be motivated to do weights in the morning and the gym is less busy. However, they had closed the gym! Not wanting to completely waste the early start I did the Core part of the gym session on the lawn out the front of the office. Luckily I was so early that I didn't see anyone I knew! Evening weight were ok and it was nice not to do a full hour in there, I even did some extra core work at the end anyway for fun.
AM = 57:49, 6.4mi ,8:57/mi, 141bpm + 30mins core
PM = 3x12x 25kg Split Lunges, 3 x 12 x 20kg deadlift (low!!), 3x 12 x 40kg Squat + 3x 10x reclining sit-up, 2x 10 x medicine ball sit-up, 2x 30x russian twists

Thursday 3rd - Rest Day
Did 20mins of various Jas-Yoga reset stretches as feeling rather tight!

Friday 4th - 45 minutes Easy Run
I've missed running with other loads while I've been getting back into it, so I wasn't going to miss the chance to go and join Adidas runners. They were doing hills so I kept them on the easy side and then ran to work.

Saturday 5th- RACE DAY!!! Orion Forest 5
Race report to follow.

Orion Harriers Forest 5

11th Lady in 35:45, 4.9 miles, 7'10/mi, 172bpm
PM = 30min bodyweight conditioning

Sunday 6th - 30 mins bodyweight conditioning
See yesterday! I knew there was no way I'd get it done today as I was out from 9am-10pm doing church and watching the IAAF World Championship Marathons. What races, what fantastic runners!

Total Miles: 41.1