Women's Running Roundup 10/12/18 - Camille is awesome, Is Abu Dhabi Short? & Marie Imada misses Japan's OTQ by a whisker

While we’re all VERY excited about the news that Desi and Yuki are both returning to defend their Boston Marathon titles next spring, lets have a look at what happened this weekend before we start counting down the days (126 - FYI).


Camille Herron - she of the beer fuelled ultras and winning comrades, just ran 8’40/mi (that’s a 3:47 marathon) pace for 162.9 miles in 24 hours. The race which had only 33 participants - all elite ultra runners who had qualified by time. Camille set her previous 100mile record at Tunnel Hill 100 in 2017 wearing Nike Vaporfly 4% which had been used only just previously for the ‘Breaking 2’ attempt. This might not seem odd except that they are not trail shoes and the record was set offroad with her never having used them before. This time Camille was actually in territory more suited to the Vapor Fly - on the track. It looks like she used those as well as the Nike turbos - so a nice bit of publicity!

Runner’s world reports that she:

ran 162.9 miles in 24 hours, setting new 100-mile and 24-hour world records. She passed by the 100-mile mark in a world record time of 13:25 (though Herron holds the overall 100-mile record of 12:42, the previous world record on a track, 13:45, was held by Gina Slaby, according to Aravaipa Running). In total, she ran more than 650 laps on the 400-meter track, sustaining an average mile pace of 8:40 throughout her 24-hour effort.

Not only did Camille smash all those records fuelled by beer, tacobell and with a smile on her face, she came 1st overall - the 1st male was Jacob Jackon who ran 157.58 miles in 24 hours.


Screenshot 2018-12-10 at 21.16.28.png

In only its 4th year and already an IAAF silver label race, this women-only Japanese marathon was won by Dalila Gosa of Bahrain in 2:25:35. Full results here. Bahrain also took second place ( Shitaye Habtegeberel) with Sylvia Kibet of Kenya third and then Japanese runners taking up the rest of the top 20 except for one Belarussian - all were under 2:59. What is most interesting about this though is that Marie Imada who placed 4th overall and 1st Japanese athlete ( 2:29:35) failed to earn a place in Japan’s Olympic Qualifying race, the Marathon Grand Championship. which will be held next year. She needed to make either the top three with a time under 2:29:00, or finishing in the top six in under 2:28:00 to earn a place. It was a 5 minute PB so a brilliant performance, but must be rather galling to come so close.


The first ever Abu Dhabi marathon took place last Friday but LetsRun and Canadian Running are speculating that the course may have been short.

Screenshot 2018-12-10 at 22.07.58.png
  1. Ababek Yesanehm ETH, 2:10;16

  2. Eunice Chumba, BHR 2:20:54

  3. Gelete Burka ETH 2:24:07

Robert Johnson of Let’s Run pointed out that the 13:55 split between kilometres 30 and 35 of the men’s race seems off. That’s very, very fast, especially near the end of a race, without pacers. He continued to point out a similar surge in the women’s pace between the same two markers. <Canadian Running>

Despite that, it would have been worth running for the hefty prize money of $100,000 USD for 1st, $25,000 for 2nd and $15,000 for 3rd. There’s quite the span of results too with over 1hr 20mins between 1st and 10th place female (who is just so happens was british - big shout out to Lyn-Si Fisher – GBR – 3:31:15)

Full results here

1, Tigist Girma, ETH, 2:26:44
2. Zinash Debebe Getachew , ETH, 2:27:15 (3rd in sydney marathon in Sept)
3. Sviatlana Mikhailauna Kudzelich, BLR, 2:32:04


Full results here

1. Priscah CHERONO (#29) , KEN 2:32:09

2. Stella BARSOSIO (#25), KEN 02:33:21
3. Jane JELAGAT (#27), KEN, 02:35:36



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