Training Log: 14th - 20th May 2018 (Wk 3#WeGoAgain)

Wk 3 #WeGoAgain

Monday 14th: Me - 30min recovery // Mr B - Coaching at HAC

Did this on treadmill in the afternoon while mini B napped. Wasn't super easy actually, hmm. Need to run the easy ones easy.

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 16.05.24.png


Tuesday 15th: Me - HAC Track session // Mr B - Solo track session earlier on of 5x 1k off 2’10 recovery

3 x 800,400,800 off 75s with 3’mins between sets

1= 3'08, 1'25, 3'02
2= 3'09, 1'27, 3'10
3= 3'08, 1'26, 3’10
Last time I did this set 5th Sept (pregnant) I ran between 3:07 - 3:19 for the 800s and 1:22 -2:29 for the 400s?? Wow...I thought I would more noticeably have been faster now and it feels like I am. Hmm. Ah well, onwards!
Back in May 2016 I ran 2'56 - 3'00 for the 800s and 1'22-1'24 for the 400

Mr B’s 1ks = 3’43, 3’47, 3’46, 3’48, 3,49

Wednesday 16th: Me - 30mins swim // Mr B - Rest

Thought that I felt really good after track but then I tried to kick really hard in the pool and realised I had no oomph at all in my legs!

Thursday 17th: Me - WU, 6x 2min threshold, CD // Mr B - WU, 3x [3x 1k at 10k pace, off 90s] 3 min between sets

As soon as Mr B got home from work I dashed out to make the most of a lovely evening. I'll be honest, post work pre-tea is not my fave time to run but post tea would be even worse and  I'm grateful that he's willing to walk in through the door and be met with a (sometimes grumpy) baby being thrust at him before he's even caught breath or had chance to decompress from the paid-working day. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 16.06.44.png


Me - 6.75mi, 51:33
2 min rep paces = 6’31 145bpm, 6’40 145bpm, 6’32 151bpm, 5’57152bpm, 6’17 161bpm, 5’55 155bpm

Mr B - 6.89mi, 55:18
1k reps were :4’05, 3’50, 4’06 // 3’52, 3’50, 4’05 // 3’48, 4’02, 3’51 on an undulating road route

Friday 18th: Me - Rest / Mr B - Rest

Saturday  19th: Me - 60min long run split 9min run, 1 min walk  / Mr B -  WU, 2x 12min threshold off 90s, CD

I decided to
a) do what I'm always told and always telling others and take the easy run easy
b) cut the walk recoveries to 30seconds as I'd chatted to BenFP about how to change these as I feel more comfortable and last week I'd tried missing every other break so I thought I'd try this way... only I ended up only taking two of them. I just wasn't paying attention to my watch!

Stats: 8.06mi, 1:05:48, 8’10/mi av pace, 155bpm av HR

Sunday 20th: Me - 30mins S&C / Mr B - Rest

Total Miles:
Me - 23.6
Mr B - 19