Training Log: 23 - 29 April 2018

Mr B rested all week. Next on his radar is the Vitality 10k on the 18th May.

Mon 23rd - Me: “long” run
In the morning, we all went for a walk around some gardens and then for free pizza at Franco Manca thanks to Mr B's London medal

stance socks nike pegasus

Then, because I wanted to seize the moment and despite being very full of pizza I went for a ‘long’ run of 6 miles. It was very stodgy and quite hard work in the last mile but glad to have got one mile further

5.94mi, 49:06, 8:16/mi, 153bpm

Tue 24th - Me: Was going to do 30mins swim
Alas, I only managed 7 mins because the was in use for classes. We took Mini B for his first swim and he LOVED it. 

Wed 25th - Me: 10 x Walking hill reps with buggy
Mini B wouldn’t settle so I went out for 1 1/2 hours walking including 10x the very steep hill. Felt that in the glutes the next day!

1hr 23:22 (ish), 4.19 miles, 19:54/mi, 100bpm

Thu 26th - Me: Treadmill session of 5 min WU, 40mins effort inc 5 mins windup at the end, 5 min 6% uphill jog CD

5.5miles, 8’37/mi on the main bit, 154bpm

Fri 27th - Nothing

Sat 28th - Me: attempted but aborted swim
Went to the Olympic pool to swim but it was full and only issuing raffle tickets with waiting times! Couldn't get Mini B to last that long so had to give up

Sun 29th - Nothing...because I'm getting my first Ben-FP plan next week so I'm being lazy for one last day!

Total Miles:
Me - 14.1
Mr B - 0