Training Log: 30 April - 8 May 2018 (Wk 1 #WeGoAgain)

Right, so back to a training plan. Ben from Full Potential Coaching is back in control, hurrah! He's also seeing Mr B through to the other side of the vitality 10k. Ben has named this process #WeGoAgain , which seems apt. We're back to training and also if something is tough or doesn't happen first time, that's ok, We Go Again. It'll come. 

Mr B has had his rest week and is back in the game and getting ready for the Vitality 10k.

Mini B is starting to enjoy me doubling up Conditioning circuits as a method of play.

Monday 30th: Me - Easy 30 // Mr B - Rest, but did Tuesday’s session so I could go to track - 10 minutes Warm Up,3 x 6 minutes at Threshold effort with a 90 second recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down
Did my 30 on the treadmill early doors with MiniB watching. 
He seemed quite mesmerised for 25mins of it, but towards the end when he was getting a bit bored I measured my easy effort level by whether I could count and sing nursery rhymes at the same time. Yes everyone, now my training diary includes how to entertain a baby and make it work as part of training! Sorry if it’s boring but hey, maybe it’s useful someday, or at least you get to laugh at me.

Me - 3.47mi, 3.47mi, 30:32, 8:47/mi, 136bpm
Mr B - 4.31mi, 32:56 Reps were 6’18/mi, 6’19/mi, 6’34mi

Tuesday 1st: Me - Track // Mr B - Rest (swap from yesterday)
Track was 2 x 3x 600 off 70s, 1 x 4 x 600 off 70s, 3 min between sets.

Track Tuesday

The aim was to take the first set as a warm up and then wind it up over the course of the session  but as you can see from below,  I didn’t manage that and ended up slowing down and then hanging on. I hadn’t realised, but I am actually running faster than when pregnant, though it doesn’t feel like it. I also sound VERY heavy on my feet so I need to focus on form I think.

Stats for me- 
4.92miles total
Reps were:

Weds 2nd: Me - 1 hr brisk walk + 20min Conditioning // Mr B - Rest
Despite the fact that it was absolutely chucking it down with rain, MiniB and I did as the plan said and went for a long walk on the way back from the dentist. Pushing the pram and taking the hilly route meant I ended up rather warm but also rather soggy by the end. 

I did the conditioning session whilst also trying to entertain MiniB

Conditioning set by Full Potential : Conditioning Circuit For Runners and  + Mobility and Conditioning Routine 

Me - 4.16mi, 1:17:30, 18:36/mi, 118bpm

Thursday 3rd: Me - 30 Mins easy (+30mins swimming) //Mr B - 10 minutes Warm Up, 6,5,4,3,2,1 minutes at Threshold effort with a 60 second jog recovery between reps, 10 minutes Cool Down

Mr B went out early to do his session just in case I didn’t get chance at home during the day, so he could release me after work. As it happens, I did my easy run on the treadmill since the opportunity arose in the morning. We met at lunchtime so I could hop in the pool and he could take the small one for a walk. I was pretty slow in the pool I think (don’t have a measure for it) but I tried to do almost entirely front crawl and I did blast a couple of lengths and could feel the power.

Mr B is feeling a bit leggy still from the marathon and work is busy so he was glad not to have to do his session after work and it had also actually got hot! Shock horror.

Me -  3.61mi, 30:04, 8:20/mi, 151bpm + swimming mainly front crawl

Friday 4th: Me - Rest day //Mr B - Rest

Saturday 5th: Me - 40mins easy split 9 mins run + 1 min walk // Mr B - 20 minutes Easy, 20 minutes Steady, 20 minutes Easy
First up = first out this morning as we both had runs to get done before going away! I went as soon as I could and actually stuck to the 1min walk breaks despite the fact that it irks me not to be running. As it happened, that meant I could churn out my longest run since November. It’s almost like that coach bloke knows what he’s doing! Oh, but I also did sort of accidentally slightly on purpose do 50mins not 40. I did read the sheet wrong but I think if I’d thought about it I would have remembered it was 40.

Mr B then went out and did his session, it was rather hot out there though. 

Me - 6.86mi, 56:56, Av HR overall 123bpm,
9 min intervals were 8’11/mi, 8’00/mi, 8’00/mi, 7:57/mi, 7:47/mi
Mr B -  7.67 mi, 1:01:38, AV HR 160bpm overall, not sure on the intervals!

Sunday 6th: Me - 20 mins conditioning // Mr B - Rest
Did the conditioning circuit above and some piriformis stretches as it was feeling a bit tight.

Total Miles:

Me - 18.8 (still not the 20 I was hitting when pregnant! But, sigh, yes I know it’s not all about miles)
Mr B - 16.5 (prepping for the Vitality 10k)