Training Log: 7th - 13th May 2018 (Wk 2#WeGoAgain)

Monday 7th: Me - 10WU, 6 x 1:30 on (85-90% effort)  1 min walk, 6 x 1 min on (90%+ effort), 1 min Easy Jog Recovery, 10 CD  // Mr B -  10 minutes Warm Up,3 x 6 minutes at Threshold effort with a 90 second recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down
Mine should have been a swim but I swapped it to the session because we were with the inlaws and they could look after MiniB. It was very hot, but not as hot as when Mr B went out later. Running in Yorkshire is always a joy - the air feels so much cleaner and the scenery is nicer. I can’t wait to explore more routes over time. As for the session - I’m not sure I pushed the effort levels as much as I should - I need to learn how to hurt again! But, it was great to do my first solo interval session and not be worrying about anything other than the session, because MiniB was being kept well entertain (much better than I do!).

Me - First 6 (1'30min) = 6'17, 7'04, 6'16, 6,11, 6'25, 6’25 // Second 6 (1min) = 5'58, 6'34, 5'29, 6'07, 7'33 (uphill), 5’57 // Total  =5.79 miles, 45:42

Mr B - 37:41, 4.71miles, intervals were 6’43/mi and 6’56/mi but the last one was combined into the CD as it was so hot and he’d had a bad nights sleep.

Tuesday 8th: Me - 30mins conditioning // Mr B - Played golf!
Should have been the interval session from Monday.  Done in 20 mins + 10min and using it to entertain miniB. Then we went for a long walk round Eastham country park on the Wirral and found the Montgomery pub while Mr B was playing golf.

Weds 9th:Me - 30 mins Swim // Mr B - Rest Day

Thurs 10th: Me - 10 min Easy, 10 min Steady, 10 min Easy // Mr B - 10 WU, 6 x 5 minutes with a 90 second recovery, 10 CD - Alternate between Threshold and 10k Effort (1,3,5 at Threshold, 2,4,6 at 10k Pace)
Felt like this really flowed in the middle - the 7’03 pace felt really clean and smooth if you know what I mean. The start still felt like I took a time to wind up, but instead of it feeling similarly effort-filled, it felt like it got easier. Maybe it’s starting to come back?!

I did ask Mr B how his session was and I think he enjoyed it, but I forgot to write it down at the time. oops. The splits look fab though.

Me -
5.03mi, 39:17, 7:48/mi, 158bpm OA, 
Easy 8'00  Steady 7'03 and then 7'25 (16mins).

Mr B - 
TH 7’01, 169bpm
10k 6’49, 171bpm
TH 6’48, 171bpm
10k 6’20, 169bpm
TH 6’43, 174bpm
10k 6’30, 177bpm

Friday: 11th: Me - Rest day // Mr B - Rest Day

Saturday: Me - 50 mins of 9min run, 1min walk, // Mr B - 60 mins easy run - skipped to play footie!
I was feeling good at the start so having chatted last week to BenFP about altering rests if things were going ok, I decided to take every other rest. This meant I ended up doing 19mins run, 1min walk, 19mins run, 1 min walk and then the rest run to get home. There were points in those 19mins where I regretted the decision but in general it felt good and I'm pleased that they got faster as I went along. I do need to make sure though that as things come back, I really do take the easy runs easy so I can run the hard ones hard. It's tempting to slip into that "trying quite hard for all of them" zone and then feeling lethargic when I really want to give it some, just because I want to see my "easy" pace looking nice, even if it doesn't feel the same as it used to. Must practice what I preach! 

6.5mi, 51:07, Av pace 7’51
Showing each 9 mins because that’s how my watch was set
19 mins=
8’31 129 bpm, 7’38 150bpm
19mins =
7’24 162bpm, 7’22 167bpm
9 mins = 7’39 167 bpm

Sunday: Me - 30min conditioning ( + sneaky bonus run ) // Mr B - Rest day

3.90mi, 29:57, 7:40/mi, 164bpm

Total Miles:
Me - 21.2
Mr B - 11.2