Training Log: 9th-15th April 2018

Monday 9th - Me: Easy 30 // Mr B: Rest day
Me - 3.90mi, 32:45, 8:23/mi, 135bpm

Tuesday 10th - Me: 30 mins swim // Mr B: 10Min WU 1,2,3,4,3,2,1 minutes at 90% (10km) effort with a 90 second recovery, 10 min CD
Instead of breast stroke for half I did half back half, front crawl
Mr B - 5.34mi, 46:11, 156bpm Av

Wednesday 11th - Me: 35 min treadmill + 1 hr v easy walk PM // Mr B: Rest Day
2% incline. 5 min walked WU Then 20 mins of1min @ 8’33/mi (run) and 1:30 of 11’07(jog) + 5’mins extra and then 5 min CD jog

Tracksmith BQ vest

Thursday 12th -  Me: Rest day // Mr B: 10 minutes Warm Up, 3 x 8 minutes at Threshold effort with a 90 second recovery, 10 minutes
Last night the gas company managed to cut off our gas without any warning, so we had no heating or hot water! We decamped to my parent’s house for the night which mean Mr B go to run the scenic streets of Hitchin in the morning.
5.69mi, 44:30, 165 bpm av

Friday 13th - An attempt at a treadmill session and then an outside run // Mr B: Rest day
Tried to do a treadmill session but MiniB decided that he wasn’t going to play ball. Mr B tagged me out when I got in and off I went for an easy 30.
Me - 4.69miles in total, 3.18 outside.

Saturday 14th - Me:  30mins S&C/ Mr B: 70 minute Long Run; Pick up middle 50 minutes to Marathon Pace

The Old Orchard Harefield

Given that Mr B has been training through snow and freezing temperatures, but now London looks like it was going to be hot, it made sense to wait until the afternoon of a sunny day to get his last long run in so at least he could get a bit of a reminder about what it is like to run in the heat! We went out to a nice country pub (as did the rest of the world) and I sat and did the crossword with Mini B while Mr B went out running. It’s nearly show time!

My S&C took 1 hr with interruptions for Mini B but I managed to get 30mins of my pre-pregnancy session done - just kept the resistance lower than previous. 
Mr B - 8.53mi, 7’14/mi in middle section, 

Sunday 15th - Me: An unscheduled 40mins thanks to grandparents // Mr B : Massage
The grandparents are staying and we’d been to a running friend’s birthday drinks earlier in the day and been hanging out with lots of inspiring running ladies so although I wasn’t planning to go for a run, the opportunity was there and I couldn’t resist! Probably went a bit too far and a bit too fast but I’ve got two non-running days now so I guess it’s ok? Must be sensible. I have a bruise down my shin which could be a stress bruise but is probably just me being clumsy - I just can’t remember doing it. Anyway, better keep an eye on that.
Mr B had a sports massage with the excellent
Hannah Stobbes (  - she’s ace and great value.
Me - 5.12mi, 38:37, 7:32/mi,146bpm average


Total Miles:

Mr B - 19.5
Me - 17 miles