Women's Running Roundup 14/5/18

Telenor Copenhagen Marathon

Shasho Insermu of Ethiopia won the elite race in 2:32:17 (PR 2:30:03 in 2017) with just a 20second lead after a very strong start (Last year Hana Zemedkun of Ethiopia won in 2:47:24). The men's race was run in a course record of 2:11:16.

copenhagen marathon
Copenhagen Marathon

Hannah Oldroyd, who is registered as NZL for this race, came 6th  in 2:45:32, not long after her London performance of 2:46:27 which she ran as a member of Saltaire RC

Victoria Simon-SHore came top 'official' GBR athlete in 3:28:04 - I think she is a barrister who specialises in the areas of defamation, privacy, confidence, media law, harassment and data protection but I'm failing to find much more info!

Katie Moncaster in 3:30:32  was second GBR - the only other results I can find for her are 10ks down in Truro, so perhaps a debut marathon?

3rd GBR was Julia Maclean 3:36:04

Run Gatwick Half Marathon

Hayley Manning of Clapham Chasers won the inaugural Run Gatwick Half Marathon in 1:27:37, in what must have been an amazingly exciting finish, as she pipped Amelia Brown to the post by less that 1 second - Check out the photo here! Bethany Evans was 3rd in 1:30:23. Full results below.

Run Gatwick Medal

World Trail Champs

Individual Gold went to Ragna Debats . She actually lives in Spain, so had a home advantage despite running for the Netherlands as the competition was held on the Penyagolosa Trails just North of Valenica. I Run Far notes that her 16-minute win was a huge one in this deep field. She was third at the 2016 Trail World Championships and fourth last year. The IAAF report is here: https://www.iaaf.org/news/report/iau-trail-world-championships-2018-hernando-d

2nd went to the very local Laia Cañes 

France’s Claire Mougel  3rd. She's also a national-level Nordic skier

For team GB the top two  ladies were:

9th Holly Page (UK) — 10:37:52 (Twitter: @HollyPage0)
11th Beth Pascall (UK) — 10:40:58

Holly has a great "Ten Lesson's learned from 9th Place at the World Trail Championships" over on her Instagram:

hollyapageTen lessons from a 9th place at the 2018 Trail World Championships: .
1. 85km is a long way. 25km longer than ever before. But the legs were fairly strong. .
2. 5,000m+ is a lot of hills. But I actually like hills.
3. Although I am capable of consuming several portions of dessert after dinner each day, sweet substances are wholly unpalatable after 40km of hard running in the heat and cause you to stop drinking.
4. Spain is hot. I was sweating profusely from 6am in the dark!
5. Although I was in Spain, it wasn't entirely necessary to eat tortilla at aid stations. .
6. When the body is giving up completely, it's possible to bring on a strange meditative state and spend a good 7km imagining being out for a short jog on the paths at home in England. .
7. Perhaps by some bizarre twist of fate it is possible to mix it with some of the fastest women in the world who I never in a million years thought I'd be swapping positions with throughout the race.
8. However, all competitive spirit ebbs away when you're fighting just to get to the finish line without bringing on a full blown asthma attack / stopping yet again for the toilet... I didn't care when Magda Laczak (Poland) and Clare Gallagher (USA) ran past towards the end... there was nothing more I could do. .
9. Supporters are such a boost. From a lady singing Rule Britannia at the top of her voice in one village, to my amazing parents cheering me on at various points of the course, GB team managers, other Brits, supporters of all countries were so encouraging... amazing! .
10. Talking of supporters, I heard the Queen was very impressed with her top trail running subjects as she refreshed her Trail World Champs live feed in and amongst trying on her new hat for next week's royal wedding. Men's silver and Women just knocked down to 4th by the speedy Americans. Good work Team GB 🇬🇧 and what a lovely weekend!

Full GB results below

World Trail Championships

Shakespeare Marathon Stratford (and Half Marathon)


shakespeare half marathon

The leaderboard for the half marathon looks a bit similar to last year, as Nic Sykes of Bourneville Harriers won in 1:23:44. She retains her 2017 title, albeit in a slightly slower time ( 2017 was 1:19:15). Joanne Mccandles was second again in 1:23:58 (2017 was 1:23:10) but 3rd place went to Abby Halcarz in 1:24:22. Abby didn't run it lastyear and 2017s 3rd place was  Kate Wright of stratford upon Avon AC but she didn’t run this year.


Photo from Stratford Observer

Photo from Stratford Observer

1st Clare Rees of Aldershot Farnham & District AC 03:09:22 (after running 3:04:11 in what looks like her first ever marathon at London this year! Nice work)
2nd Kathryn Chapman Bishops Stortford RC 03:10:21
3rd Anna Ward St. Albans Striders 03:12:31

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 11.43.11.png

The race was faster than last year when it was  won by Melissa Venables of Spa Striders in 3:11:25
Notable improver, Katy young was 6th last year in 3:34:54 and came 4th this year if 3:21:35

Maverick Dorset

I can't recommend Maverick races highly enough. The organisation is fantastic, the vibe is friendly and chilled but with just enough competitive drive to add that necessary frisson on fun, and the routes, out the routes, they are SPECTACULAR. This one in particular is just beautiful. I won the long course of this last year in 1:54:13 and it's one of my favourite ever races.

The times this year are faster by comparison because those cheeky Maverick types added and extra climb.

(C) Sue Hill Photography & Maverick Race

(C) Sue Hill Photography & Maverick Race

Long 23km

1st - Mollie Routledge (1:56:48)
2nd - Elyse Paulson (1:56:49)
3rd - Philippa Robinson (1:59:42)

Medium 16km
 - Becky Rendell (1:24:54)
2nd - Kate Stoddard (1:25:39)
3rd - Anja Heijnen (1:26:51)

Short 9km
 - Lenka Wiedenova (42:39)
2nd - Georgie Lambert (42:49)
3rd - Mirjam Kallis (46:22)

Ultra Trail Snowdonia 50

53 miles, 6000 meters of elevation, 15% Road and 85% Off Road make this a beast of a race. It was won by the legend that is Double Bob Graham record holder Nicky Spinks(see film below), who finished on the same day she started, Staurday at 18:49:00.

Follow @banjosaurus on instragram

Follow @banjosaurus on instragram

A huge shout out to Kajsa Holgersson who is a friend of mine, all round nice lady, super mum, trail jedi and super designer. She totally bossed it, coming in 5th place (ignore James Pierce who clearly isn't female) and finishing also on the Saturday at 23:40:01.
Full results here

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 17.00.58.png


And so we look ahead to....

Liverpool Rock n Roll Marathon

European 10000m Champs AND Night of 1000m PBs

Centurion NDW50

Asics Windermere Marathon

Exeter Marathon

Worcester Marathon and Half Marathon

Any others I should add...?

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