Women's Running Roundup 29/10/18

Each week Cajsa and I bring you the news from the roads and the trails. If you have any races your want covered or running-women you want applauded just let us know. Scroll onwards to find all the results from the weekend just gone and some previews for those ahead. Road first this time, trails below…


It was a week of rather random marathoning weather - Venice Marathon looked like it was being run THROUGH a canal and Lake Garda Marathon had to be cancelled because a large amount of the course ended up under water (seriously - look here). This meant that the rather chilly conditions at Dublin don’t seem worth noting really and on the flip side, Valencia had positively perfect conditions - enough for an eye watering men’s HM world record of 58:18.

Full results here

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 21.07.50.png

Despite representing her country at the 2012 Olympics in the 1,500 metres, Meskerem of Ethiopia showed that she’s on the up in her marathoning career, breaking the course record by 25s and taking nearly 4 mins off her PB. Top german was Katharina Heinig who ran for Germany in the recent European Marathon Champs but didn’t have the best race. This was a solid performance but not her fastest on the course as she finished in 14th place and 2:29:55 Danni Nimmock of Norwich, UK came 23rd in 2:38:54. On a personal note, a massive “YASS!” to Claudi Schroegel of We Are Daybreak running community who went and smashed out a 3:10 PB in the midst of a ridiculously busy time.

  1. Meskerem Assefa Wondimagegn, ETH, 2:20:36 (CR)

  2. Haftamnesh Haylu, ETH, 2:20:47 (inside previous CR)

  3. Bedatu Badane, ETH, 2:21:32

Full results

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 20.53.38.png

I know I really shouldn’t fall into the trap of saying ‘oh it’s just some more Ethiopian runners and skipping over Dubiso and Gedefa’s 1st and 2nd places in this race (and I realise that too often I do fall into that trap) - their citizenship certainly doesn’t meant they are any less hard working, less interesting or less talented than other female runners. But, please forgive me if I give my top Dublin ‘hurrah’ to Lizzie Lee in 3rd place. Not a PB but that’s irrelevant as it was her first national marathon title. A full time project manager and mother of two she represented Ireland at Rio 2016. She said she had a score to settle after finishing 29th in 2:40 at the Euro Champs in Berlin earlier this year.

  1. Mesera Dubiso, ETH, 2:33:49

  2. Motus Gedefa, ETH, 2:34:22

  3. Lizzie Lee, IRL, 2:35:05

Visiline Jepkesho (KEN) set a new course record with 2:22:58. Full results here

  1. Visilline Jepkesho, KEN, 2:22:58

  2. Selly Cepyego, KEN, 2:23:15

  3. Dibabe Kuma, ETH, 2:23:34


While, as The Monday Debrief rightly points out, the Men’s Half Marathon race was really the one that everyone should be looking (new world record of 58:18 by Abraham Kiptum) the women’s race still deserve our attention. I agree with TMD that the word ‘half’ does seem to imply that the Half Marathon is less of an achievement and that it doesn’t get much coverage. Here at the WRR we definitely don’t subscribe to that view - any race, be it 100m, 5k, half, ultra, whatever is equally skilled - just in different ways. However, for the sake of my sanity and the need to put some kind of parameters on this roundup I have chosen to focus on the Marathon and then cover other races where and when I can. Just so you know!

  1. GELETE BATI, ETH, 1:06:11

  2. ALIA MOHAMMED, UAE, 1:06:13

  3. EDITH CELIMO, KEN, 1:06:18

Looks like the bad weather affected the results system as they’ve only just been posted up and the times reflect the flood-like conditions!

Full results here, but the soggy-shoed winner was…TANUI ANGELA JEMESUNDE of Kenya in 2:31:30


Cancelled - 30k took place though






TCS NEW YORK MARATHON (IAAF GOLD) The WRR preview spreadsheet of joy is starting to take shape here - full preview soon



Cajsa brings you all the news from the trails: 

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 16.48.24.png

Rain is hammering on my office window and the wind is howling down the fireplace, the collection of gore-tex shoes have been dusted off, niki wax applied aaaand it's very very VERY quiet on the competitive long distance off road running front. We've definitely entered hibernating season. Since I want to delay my lunch run in the sea side gusts I've still managed to dig deep in the news flow to find some splattering of mud to report.

see a Guardian article about it here) and sign up here (!)

Believe it or not, what seemed like an eternal race finally came to it's end last week. Sadly it did not finish with a last woman standing as Courntey Dauwalter tapped herself out after 279 miles and 67 hours of running whilst Johan Steene "eagerly" lined up for another lap around Laz' backyard. Under the circumstances I'm pretty pleased that it finished with all runners still alive though! I mean 67 hours of running with nearly no rest, what is that! Nuts, that is what it is, absolutely nuts. I'm completely in awe of the last three runners and I hope that Gary rewards them all with a space for Barkley Marathon in 2019. Courtney, if you are reading this and need some personal orienteering training; HMU!

JAVELINA JUNDRED 100 miles & 100 k

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 08.50.31.png

So this is a bit of an American Medoc for trailheads, minus the wine but with other local delicacies (Pizza Burgers and Subs) served up at the aid stations and of course a few added kilometres as this is no marathon. <note from Gill: just check out the aid station ’menu’ here! Mouthwatering, and you can’t say that about the food in Marathons> Runners line up in costumes to take on a festive route of either 100k or 100 miles, perfect for that party pace! Not everyone is running just for the fun of it though, there were some serrrrious competition out on the flat courses through the Fountains Hills in Arizona. Darcy Piceu normally roams rugged mountainous terrain but this weekend she showed that she also has a speedy desert gear as she stormed home the victory in the women's race in 18:49 nearly an hour quicker than second lady Dana Anderson. Rounding out the podium not far behind Anderson was Tonya Keyes in 19:50. In the 100 k edition Charlie McKee took the win ahead of Kim Sunduk in second and Emily Wanless in third.

After having seen a picture of the trophies I'm not surprised that Darcy Piceu hit the gas pedal, I mean they are almost as good as the aid station menu and with that in mind I repeat my words from last week; UK RACE ORGANISERS TAKE NOTE!

100 miles

A Javlina Jundred troophy from last year

A Javlina Jundred troophy from last year

1. Darcy Piceu 18:49

2. Dana Anderson 19:31

3. Tonya Keyes 19:50

100 k

1. Charlie McKee 9:47

2. Kim Sunduk 10:00

3. Emily Wanless10:08

That's all from the long distance trails folks and it doesn't look like next week will give us much more to cover …


There are some amazing looking events, like the 100 k Mt Wuyi Ultra that makes me wish I lived in China and Japan is tempting with names like Ninja Trail run but no real big international races are scheduled for the upcoming 7 days.

In the UK there is a chance to collect some last minute UTMB points at; WHITE ROSE ULTRA which I wrongly previewed last week but is in fact taking place this weekend. No names stood out to me in the list of registered runners but I'm nonetheless looking forward to see how this classic race on the British ultra calendar plays out!

Otherwise I'll tune in with the tarmac this weekend as the NYC marathon looks like a hot one (lineup-wise, weather-wise not so much …). So many bad ass American home-runners to root for! Will it be Desi, Shalane underdog Allie Kieffer or ultra champ Camille Heron's day across the boroughs on Sunday or will they have to bow down to Cheruiyot and Keitany? It's going to be a fast one thats for sure!


To make up for the lack of characters in this week's recap I thought I'd feed you some links to other things to procrastinate over;

The guys of British Ultra Running Podcast interviewed the amazing Cat Simpson for their latest episode and it's both an interesting and inspiring listen where we get to hear all about Cat's amazing race at this years Spartathlon as well as how she manages to alternate her weekends between winning ultras and break 10 k PB's ; https://www.britishultrarunningpodcast.com/?p=84

If you struggle with inspiration to get out in the increasingly chilly weather Silke Koester has compiled a selection of Women's Trail & Ultra Running Films that is sure to make you want to lace up quicker than it takes to say "but it's raining".


Now go churn up some leaves sisters of the trails, i'll see you in seven!

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