Women's Running Roundup 1/10/18

Each week Cajsa and I bring you the news from the roads and the trails. If you have any races your want covered or running-women you want applauded just let us know. Scroll down to find all the results from the weekend just gone and some previews for those ahead.

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The defending champion, Bekelu Beji wasn’t around this year but a fellow Kenyan won the race in a slightly slower time and comfortably ahead of the Polish 2nd place. It’s the Polish lady though who is the star of the race for me - she reports over on her instagram that it was a tough, windy race and is clearly over the moon with her new PR but follows it immediately ‘I want to run faster’ - love that!

The other thing I really enjoyed about looking at the results of this race was how happily diverse top 10 was with Kenya, Poland, Israel, Macedonia, Ethopia, Canadand the Czech Republic all represented as well as Anna Rose Carlman from the USA in 13th (3:08:11) and Ali Campbell of GB in 15th (03:09:04)

  1. CHEROP Beatrice, KEN 2:35:21 (PR 2:31:07)

  2. ŁAPIŃSKA Anna, POL 2:38:40 (Instagram.com/Lapinska.a)

  3. DOLININ Elena, ISR 2:38:45

In contrast to Warsaw, this was a rather closed down when it came to geographical range. With the podium populated solely by Kenyans and the rest of the top 20 from Kenya, Ethiopia or China. I guess that’s probably to do with the fact that the race website is pretty impenetrable unless you speak Chinese. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to say ‘ oh I might go try this one’.

A note on IAAF Label races:

It’s interesting that this is a IAAF Silver Label race, as one of the criteria is that “In Gold and Silver Label Races, <the> elite field must count at least 5 different nationalities”. Whilst I can’t see below the top 20 in the results this seems unlikely to have been fulfilled. Especially so, since in the marathon, they class ‘elite’ as those who “in the 36 months preceding the race, or in the race itself, at least one performance within these standards: o Marathon: Men: 2:12:00 and Women: 2:32:00” and yet only the top 7 in the Hengshui Marathon finished within that 2:32 mark this year and only 4 the previous year. (with the top 20 the same countries + one from MAC) Interesting. Odd. Can anyone explain this to me?

  1. Amare Waganesh Mekasha ETH 02:25:57

  2. Gurmesa Workenesh Edesa ETH 02:26:28

  3. Gedamu Gebiyanesh Ayele ETH 02:26:54


Puerto Rican steeple chaser Beverly Ramos ran a tune up race for the New York Marathon and set a new course record in the process. She’s also a New Balance athlete, so that’s handy! Full report here at LetsRun.com. The race is part of the NYRR 5 boroughs series.

1. Beverly Ramos, PR 55:15 - new event record.
2. Belaynesh Fikadu, ETH, 55:26
3. Roberta Groner, USA, 56:00

Congratulations to Rachel Thomas who smashed her Half Marathon PR (previously 1:22:08) at the Ealing Marathon this weekend. All three of the top ladies managed considerable PR’s so it was a great weekend’s racing for all!

  1. Rachel Thomas, Victoria Park Harriers and Tower Hamlets , 1:20:28

  2. Josie Hinton, London Heathside, 1:21:38 (PR 1:26:27)

  3. Martha Lloyd, Victoria Park Harriers and Tower Hamlets 1:22:05 (PR 1:22:54)

Reports on Gemma Steel smashing it at The Great Scottish 10k, The Great Scottish Half and more from Cheltenham Half, MK Half, Windsor Half can be found at FastRunning.com



Oct 7th
Cardiff Half Marathon (IAAF Silver)
Košice Peace Marathon (IAAF Silver)
Bournemouth Marathon
Chester Marathon (England Master Champs)
Chicago Marathon (Major and IAAF Gold) - Preview to follow in separate post BUT YOU CAN WATCH THE SPREADSHEET OF JOY COMING TOGETHER HERE
Cologne Marathon
Budapest Marathon
Kielder Marathon

Oct 14th
Raiffeisen Bank Bucharest Marathon (IAAF Bronze)
Meia Maratona de Portugal (IAAF Gold)
EDP Maratona de Lisboa (IAAF Silver)
PKO Poznan Marathon (IAAF Bronze)
Les 20 KM de Paris (IAAF Silver)

Oct 17th
Yorkshire Marathon
Melbourne Marathon
Leicester Marathon
Munich Marathon

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