Women's Running Roundup 15/10/18

Each week Cajsa and I bring you the news from the roads and the trails. If you have any races your want covered or running-women you want applauded just let us know. Scroll down to find all the results from the weekend just gone and some previews for those ahead.

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Sorry everyone - we’ve been hit by the plague in our house this week so I’m behind. I’ll get this updated by the end of the week but I know it’s all old news by then.

Cajsa on the otherhand is bang up - to -date. Scroll down for all the trail news!


  1. Almaz Gelana Erba ETH 2:41:29

  2. Adela Pulina Baltoi, ROM 2:50:06

  3. Nicoleta Ciortan, ROM 2:57:56

Romania dominated the rest of the finishers completing all of the top 10


Results here




Yorkshire Marathon
Melbourne Marathon
Leicester Marathon
Munich Marathon



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Cajsa brings you all the news from the trails: 

You know you are closing in on the end of a season when the depth of pow on the running side of the gram is growing for each scroll and athl-influencers go from sporting visors to donning merino buffs. It's like the trails know that we have far too many Sandra Oh drama's to catch up on to have time for high mileage in obscene weather. This weekend featured season finales both on mountains and ridgeways as Centurion 100 and Migun Skyrunners reached their closing chapters. There was also 50 milers around northern lakes and UTWT teaser races in Poland but lets start with a speedy Swede on steep switchbacks and guess what; this time the runner in question did not have the name El Kott printed on her bib.


You know that if a race has the word Extreme (with all vowels intact) in its title and gets an annual visit from Killian Jornet it is one not to attempt if your natural habitat is on altitude near sea level. The 29 k course of Limone Extreme manages to squeeze in a whopping 2500 m of elevation as it runs over some very technical terrain on the peaks surrounding the beautiful Lago Di Garda in northern Italy. It is in short a lot of vert per kilometre and the perfect playground for the toughest quads in the biz. Being the last race in this years Skyrunner series there were more than a couple of exemplary Quadriceps Femoris-es on the start line this weekend and the stacked field made for some ferocious racing from the gun.

My pre-race-fave Holly Page set out hard in the heat on the first climb and was running up front with Ragna Debats and Tove Alexanderson but according to her instagram it all fell apart from there; - "My ITB cramped up completely so I hopped down the first descent, I was starting to feel dehydrated and dizzy but kept pushing on, holding onto 4th despite being sick and stopping for the toilet... And then about 20km in, the world started spinning, I felt horrendous, my stomach was in pieces, and everything fell apart... there was nothing I could do other than watch people come past me and try and survive to the finish line... which I did, covered in my own sick." … Ouch!

Whilst Page was struggling on the descents the 2017 champion Alexanderson took control of the race and pushed H.A.R.D. Judging by her post race report for Ian Corless she was not having an easy day but if you manage to get a 9 minute gap on Ragna Debats in a technical sky race i'd argue that you are still doing pretty good. Tove did not quiet manage to beat her winning time from last year but the orienteering world champion was not far off as she followed up her recent win at Ring Of Steall with coming in as first lady to Limone in a stomping time of 3:31:36. I am seriously impressed by Alexandersons recent guest-performances on the sky running scene and she has me contemplating taking up my old map and compassing sport for next years pre season. I mean just look at the picture below and tell me that is not the face of someone who knows how to grit it out …



Third lady, coming in 5 minutes behind Debats was Spain's Shela Aviles and in fourth was German gazelle Michelle Maier. Holly Page ended up finishing 7th which was enough to see her take the season win in the Sky Classic category (five best results out of ten). What a season for Page! Hillary Gerardi won the SkyExtra Series and In the Overall category (best two results in each category, Sky Classic and Sky Extra) Ragna Debats was this years well deserved champion.

1. Tove Alexandersson (SWE) 3:31:36

2. Ragna Debats (NED) 3:40:07

3. Sheila Aviles (ESP) 3:45:28

4. Michelle Maier (GER) 3:48:36

5. Elisa Desco (ITA) 3:53:30

SkyClassic Series

1. Holly Page 462 points

2. Lina El Kott 454 points

3. Laura Orgue 450 points

4. Sanna El Kott 357 points

5. Sheila Aviles 334 points

SkyExtra Series

1. Hillary Gerardi 440 points

2. Ragna Debats 393 points

3. Brittany Peterson 332 points

4. Ekaterina Mityaeva 305 points

5. Malene Blikken 237 points

SkyRunner World Series Overall

1. Ragna Debats 394 points

2. Hillary Gerardi 390 points

3. Lina El Kott 310 points

4. Laura Orgue 270 points

5. Sanna El Kott 265 points.

That's this years Skyrunning Series in a vertical wrap, I might have to start branching out and cover the Skimo World Cup for the round up in order to fill the weekly character count gap!

CENTURION AUTUMN 100, 100 miles / 1500 m

Judging by female course records this last of the four Centurion 100 Mile Grand Slam series races is the fastest and if you compare its vertical gain to that of the 29 k course at Limone you can tell it might be because its rather a flat one. The route is made up of four 26 mile loops out and back from the start and finish line in Goring. An unusual set up which makes it easy to throw in the towel if things are not going according to plan but also provides an extra boost for the runners who will have easy access to their fans and crew at three points during the race. If the weather is bad the paths along the Thames can be very muddy but the combination of a dry summer gone and a brief hot spell continuing into the early weekend made for perfect 100 mile PB conditions.

Pre-race favourite Mari Mauland took an early lead and it looked like she was on for a revenge on her DNF at this years TP100 but as she came into Goring for the second time with 9 hours of racing behind her she made the decision to drop out. At this point Mauland had already been overtaken by Laura Swanton who in her turn kept the position as first lady into the night and finished 9th OA in 18:27:17. A sweet victory for Laura who placed second at both TP100 and SDW100 earlier this year. By finishing her season with a win she took home not only the Autumn 100 trophy but also that of the Grand Slam Series! Behind Swanton it was a tight race for the podium with Rachel Fawcett running in third place for most of the course only to be brutally overtaken by Centurion veteran Wendy Shaw on the final miles. Second lady to complete the four loops out and back to Goring was this years Cateran Trail Ultramarathon winner Sharon Law who finished in 19:24:42.

1. Laura Swanton 18:27:17

2. Sharon Law 19:24:42

3. Wendy Shaw 19:46:46

LAKES IN A DAY 50 miles / 4000 m

As the south of England was still basking in the Indian Summer sun the runners out on this gnarly point to point race in the Lake District was experiencing a very different kind of weather. Torrential rain and gusts was on the meteorological menu as they took on the undulating course from Caldbeck to Cartmel. Team GB Trail's Katie Kaars-Sijpesteijn is well experienced in running in this kind of conditions and she was unchallenged by both the weather and other female runners as she stormed her way through the lakeland to beat her own course record from last year with one minute! Kate was not only the fastest female to finish, she also shared the top of the OA podium with Clarens Olsson. What a crusher! In second place, four hours behind Katie Kaars was Carol Morgan in 14:11:17 and rounding out the podium in third was Ursula Moore.

1. Katie Kaars Sijpestein 10:45:01

2. Carol Morgan 14:11:17

3. Ursula Moore 14:43:37

There are no official results from the LEMKOWYNA ULTRA TRAIL as of yet but I will hopefully be back with a report from this race on golden polish autumn trails for next weeks round up.


So after having spent most of this weeks round up expressing in multiple sentences that the trail season is over here is now a contradictory long preview for the many many many many races taking place over this coming weekend ………..

THE OTTER TRAIL 42,2 k / 2600 m

The Salomon Golden Trail Series finishes with it's Grand Finale in South Africa where we will see the top 10 women from the combined rankings battle it out for 5000 EUR which will be donated to a human or environmental cause of the winners choice. If all ten ladies toe the line this will be a great one to follow. Just look at the list of amazing trail queens who has qualified for the final;

1. Ruth Croft

2. Ida Nilsson

3. Laura Orgue

4. Megan Kimmel

5. Eli Gordon

6. Holly Page

7. Sheila Aviles

8. Silvia Rampazzo

9. Fanny Borgstrom

10. Megan Mackenzie

On paper my bets are on Croft but Ida Nilsson has had a good old rest since her last race and with fresh legs on a flat-ish course she could be able to run to the top of the podium. Fingers crossed for the live footage to work this time so that we can all tune in for a piece of serious late season shredding!

DIAGONALE DES FOUS 162 km / 9643 m

The Madmen's Diagonal has nothing to do with Don Draper and the Golden Cut but you might want to have your head charged up on catchy affirmation copy in order to get through this UTMB of the the Indian Ocean. Talking about UTMB there is one lady lining up for revenge on her Mont Blanc DNF this weekend. Mimmi Kotka is back from a minor injury and I'm guessing that she will want to finish the year off like she started. Last year Andrea Huser won this prestigious race but she will not be back to challenge Mimmi for the top of the podium in 2018. Emilie Lecomte and Nathalie Mauclair will be there though and the former could be a contender for the win depending on how well Kotka has managed to recover over the last month.


The last race on this years Ultra Trail World Tour calendar takes place amongst spectacular scenery in Turkey. There's been no elite list released but after a quick snoop through the registrations i found that both multiple UTMB podium visitor Fernanda Maciel and Cecilia Flori who placed 5th at WS100 this year will be toeing the line. If there are no other late elite additions to the starting list then all bets are on a battle between those two.


Again no official elite starting lists to drool over but this race usually attracts a stacked field spread over the three main distances; Grand Trail Des Templiers (78 km / 3650 m), Endurance Trail (101 km / 5087 m) and Marathon Du Larzac (37.5 km / 1539 m) so I am adding this to the long list of exciting races to keep an eye on over the weekend.

As if this was not enough there is also the UTLO or Ultra Trail Lago D'Orta as it's longer name goes to look forward to and closer to home the Coastal Trail Series continues with its Suffolk edition.

Okay enough already! Back to the BBC Drama binge you go, I'll be back in seven with more false claims of season endings!