Women's Running Roundup 9/7/18

Each week Cajsa and I bring you the news from the roads and the trails. If you have any races your want covered or running-women you want applauded just let us know. Scroll down to find all the results from the weekend just gone and some previews for those ahead.

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For news on Gemma Steel's win at the  SIMPLY HEALTH GREAT NORTH 10K head over to Fast Running as well as a great performance from Toronto Marathon England squad-selected Helen Davies at the rather strict Norwich 5k where she ran 16:41 for second place and avoided the 10min half way cutoff! There's a host of other top notch 10ks over there too but now we continue...

Starting with a race on the shorter end of the spectrum, for this blog. But, this is worth looking at when you see who is in the results.

Winner of the race is Mary Wacera. Mary is the widow of 2008 Olympic Champion marathoner Samuel Wanjiru -  a relationship which warrants a whole essay in itself as it involves multiple other parties, Wanjiru's decline emotionally and eventually his disputed cause of death. It is covered in detail in Ed Ceasar's excellent book, "Breaking Two" if you want to know more. She has a half marathon PB of 1:06:29 and 15k of 48:49, so this was well within her comfort zone.

In 6th place and first American is  see Allie Kieffer who has had a lot of press around how she is bulkier than your average marathoners. Allie is doing great work speaking out against negative body images but to focus on that does down her achievements. Over the last year the self-coached Oiselle athlete has joined the exploding ranks of top notch female American runners. In 2017 she came 5th in the New York City marathon taking 26 mins of her PR for 2:26:39 and coming second to Shalane Flanagan's win. This year she has built on her progress and won the Doha half marathon in 1:10:40. With her previous 15k record of 51:03 set at Utica last year, this result is a massive PR of 41s and suggests that 2018 is going to be another big year for Allie.

Kenya dominated the top of the table  - Monicah Ngige was well within herself for second place while Victoy Chepngeno set her fourth PR of the year to take third. With Yuki Kawauchi taking all the Japanese running headlines at the moment, it's worth highlighting a good performance from Yuka Takashima, finishing 10s behind Allie. More interestingly perhaps is the fact that Yuka came 8th at Paris marathon earlier in the year in 2:26:13 which is not much off Allie's time NY time. Perhaps this is another indication that Allie can convert her current form into an even faster marathon time.

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Full results here

Columbia's Agudelo took a significant chunk off her PR to win the race, if the only recorded IAAF marathon from 2016 is indeed her best performance (2:55:50). With only a 2nd place at the 2016 Singapore marathon (2:44:28) to Rebecca Jelagat's name it's hard to know where she is looking to head with her marathoning. I suppose races like this must have some prize money available and being mainly local entrants there's a less competitive field.
1. Palmenia Agudelo Berrio 2:53:21
2. Rebecca Jelagat 2:53:23 (Kenya)
3. Joaquina Cruz Hernandez 2:58:39
Full results here

(A trail race really but I'm going to steal it from Cajsa)
Ivana Iozzia continues to show her determination, winning this mountainous marathon in 3:36:20. Diagnosed with skin cancer for the first time in 2008 (the same year she set her marathon PR), Ivana has had repeated operations on malignant melanomas but says that her running helps take her mind off disease and gives her extra determination. GB's Sarah Tunstall from Kendall AAC followed up 2017's World Mountain Running Championship bronze with a 2nd place in her first ever marathon. I  would love to know if Sarah has aspirations in an ultra direction - we'll try and get in touch with her to find out what's next for her. 

1. Ivana Iozzia, Lake-Como (CO) -   3:36.20,6
2. Sarah Tunstall, GB-Kirkby Stephen  - 3:44.05,4
3. Annamae Flynn , 1987, USA-Colorado -3:51.59,9 

Full results here

And back in the UK...

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When it's not offering jousting and archery lessons, Hever castle hosts a huge range of endurance events through the 'Castle' series. This is actually a trail race, but seems more aimed at the roadies, so I'm stealing it from Cajsa as it's a quiet week on the roads.
With temperatures of around 30c all day, it was never going to be an easy run for anyone and this showed in the marathon times being around 30mins slower than last year. The four-lap course was won by Nathalie Juchau  (and 16th OA) in 4:25:55. A detective in the Met Police, Natalie ran her fastest at London in 2015 (3:29:32).  Caroline Horder came second in what is already her 4th marahton of the year and 3rd place for her 3rd marathon of the year went to Ellan Iaquaniello. These ladies are doing a lot of running! An honourable mention goes to Heather Koshnevis who recently finished 3rd in the Dorchester Marathon and just missed the podium this time, finishing 4th in 4:30:13
1. Nathalie Juchau 4:25:55
2. Caroline Horder 4:28:11
3. Ellan Iaquaniello 4:29:27
Marathon results here

In the half marathon the heat didn't seem to bother winner Hayley Manning who won  it 12 mins faster than Mhairi Hall did last year. The Clapham Chasers athlete doesn't have many official race times but with a sub three marathon and 1:26 half, she clearly turns up when she does race. Jo Gennari of "the fat girls' guide to running" is logged as having second place,but on her twitter feed Jo has confirmed that she had to pull out after one lap, informed the marshalls and finished the 10k instead so I'm not sure whose time is being attributed to her. In third place was Beckie Chapman of South London Harriers who could happily have competed at the Triathlon taking place at the same venue, having won her clubs Triathlon championship in 2012. 
1. Hayley Manning 1:36:25
2. **INCORRECT** Jo Gennari , Team LGT 1 :43:16 (@JoJoHeels)
3. Beckie Chapman , South London Harriers 1:44:22
Half Marathon results here




and not much else that I can see! Hmm.... let me know of anything you know about.

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Cajsa brings you all the news from the trails: 

I have to admit that it's been hard to channel my inner trail diva voice with all the Lightning Seeds sing-a-longs and Disco Bangers from the floats at London Pride working as distraction over the last couple of days but some news from the green side managed to break through.

Starting on local island territory with a back 2 backer on the Isle Of Wight; 

ROUND THE ISLAND, Multi Stage Ultra,  70 miles / 2035 m

What better way to get your weekend tan on (if you don't like screaming at men in shorts on screens or dance your way down Regent Street in a rain of glitter) than running around a coastline made of chalk for two days? XNRG hosted a scorcher of an ultra where the contestants circuited the beautiful Isle Of Wight over two days with a night of camping in between. Fastest woman under the sun was last years RTTS champion Sarah Hill who managed to fend of a chasing Cat Simpson and take the title for the second year in a row with just two minutes to spare in 10:55:34. Impressive racing from both ladies who placed 2nd and 3rd overall. Third woman to finish the lap of the island was Melissa Montague in 12:22:25.

1. Sarah Hill 10:55:34
2. Cat Simpson 10:58:27
3. Melissa Montague 12:22:25

Full results: http://www.xnrg.co.uk/results/2018/round-the-island-2018.aspx

Up next we are staying on home turf but heading up north for some more rugged terrain with:


The X series is where the Mavericks level up on distance and punchiness but keep the sceneries as spectacular as in their original races.

This years second instalment was held on a tough course over the up and downs of the stunning Peak District. First lass to cross the line in 5:41:47 was Rebecca Ferry who placed 17th on the Marathon distance of Transgrancanaria earlier this year. Twenty-four minutes behind was Louise Wade and rounding up the podium in 6:39:50 was Karyn McArthur. 

Big up to my speedy home-gal Alice Milne for stepping up the distance and taking 5th in 6:50:51 behind Emma Heath.

1. Rebecca Ferry 5:41:47
2. Louise Wade 6:04:22
3. Karyn McArthur 6:39:50
4. Emma Heath 6:48:29
5. Alice Milne  6:50:51

Full Results https://resultsbase.net/event/4341/results?round=9785&gender=F

Right, over to the part of the running world that never sleeps …

HIGH TRAIL VANOISE, 68k / 4600 m

Yup you guessed it right on the altitude by meter gain, its another Skyrunner World Series race! This time the setting was that of the peaks surrounding the french Val d'isere. 

Remember the Swedish twins from the other week? 50% of them made it back to the podium but not even a double act could stop the machine that is Ragna Debats from taking the victory this weekend. The recent Trail World Champion dominated the race from the start and finished in 10:05 over half an hour ahead of Sanna El Kott. Third lady, 20 minutes behind Kott was the 2018 Transgrancanaria winner Ekaterina Mityaeva in 10:59. The other twin you might wonder? She finished 4th in 11:16!

1. Ragna Debats 10:05
2. Sanna El Kott 10:39
3. Ekaterina Mityaeva 10:59

Full Results  http://htv.livetrail.run/classement.php

(I've left this on my roundup above too, as it's nice to have Sarah Tunstall bigged up in the Tarmac and Trail communities)

On another alp in a neighbouring country there was some equally fast racing going down or perhaps i should say up since the Zermatt Marathon is all uphill (… i know …) and some of it was courtesy of a pair of british legs! 

Sarah Tunstall, who according to her twitter ran her first marathon, (again … i know …) finished second behind Ivana Iozzia who holds a marathon PB of 2:34. And if finishing eight minutes behind a multiple Italian marathon champion wasn't proof enough of the level of her debut performance then beating Speedgoat 50 winner Anna Mae Flynn with seven minutes really should be. 

1. Ivana Iozzia  3:36
2. Sarah Tunstall 3:44
3. Anna Mae Flynn 3:51

Full results https://services.datasport.com/2018/lauf/zermattmarathon/ 

If you tried to follow Kilian Jornet's successful FKT attempt on the Bob Graham Round  over the weekend you might have noticed that the only news he shared was those of his partner Emelie Forsberg's record breaking time at Kungsleden. 

Forsberg beat the previous record on the 450 km trail set by Norwegian runner Sondre Almdahl with TWO DAYS finishing in 5 days and 21 hours. I'm pondering starting a petition for the Swedish government to rename the trail from Kungsleden (King's trail) to Drottningsleden (Queen trail).  


Next week the UTWT is back with Eiger Ultra Trail and the field is looking fierce. Cat Bradley is on the starting list but seeing that last years WS 100 champion didn't return to defend her trophy two weeks ago I'm wondering whether she will actually be toeing that line. I have the same doubts over Caroline Chaverot who DNF'ed at Marathon Du Mont Blanc last week. With those two question marks my bets are all on Americas Megan Kimmel for the win. 

In the UK there is The Race To The Stones to look forward to. 

On my personal agenda a weekend in the mountains awaits so expect me back next week with tired pins and fresh news from the Grand Trail Courmayeure.