Women's Running Roundup 10/9/18

Each week Cajsa and I bring you the news from the roads and the trails. If you have any races your want covered or running-women you want applauded just let us know. Scroll down to find all the results from the weekend just gone and some previews for those ahead.

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Whilst Fast Running and Athletics Weekly have full coverage of the Great North Run half marathon race last Sunday, it’d be remiss of us not to cover it at all. A 1 second PB took the London Marathon and Olympic 5k champion Vivian Cheruiyot to her first win at the event, beating Brigid Kosgei who finished second in 67:52 and even more impressively, half marathon world record holder Joyciline Jepkosgei who clocked 68:10. All three ladies have other events in their sites though - Cheruiyot is putting track racing behind her at now to focus on road racing and is ramping up for New York Marathon , Kosgei is heading to Chicago Marathon and Jepkoskgei is apparently looking to pmove up to the 26.2 and was just ‘testing her fitness’.

Japan’s YUKA Hori was the first non-african finisher in 71:14 followed by USA’s Steph Bruce, 6th in 71:50 (PR 70:53) and New Zealand’s Camille Buscomb who came 7th in 71:43. Bruce seemed a bit disappointed on her instagram and given that her 2018 London marathon time was 3 mins off her 2011 PR in Houston I’m guessing she’s hoping to pick up her training ahead of New York marathon later in the year.

For UK athletes it was a really interesting and potentially encouraging set of results. NI’s Emma Mitchell came 1st Uk and 8th overall in her debut over the distance, running 74:37. Hayley Carutthers of London Heathside was first for England and is having an absolutely storming year. She finished in 74:46 finishing ahead of more well known names like Lily Partridge, Charlotte Purdue, Aly Dixon and Hayley Munn. Reports are that Lily (75:16) was suffering with planter discomfort and Charlotte (76:50) fell and knocked her quad but wanted to finish (she’s also going to see Cheruiyot and Bruce again over at NY Marathon later in the year). Aly Dixon (75:42) was pretty sanguine about her results saying that while it wasn’t her best time it was probably a fair representation at the moment.

Or, to give it its full name, Jiuniu Animal Husbandry 2018 Taiyuan International Marathon!
Chemtai Rionotukei broke the course record last year in 2:29:36 and in its first year stepping up to an IAAF silver label race, the record was brought down again by a huge margin as Alice Jepkemboi Kimutai from Kenya won the women's group in 2:15:36. Full results not released yet

(IAAF Bronze)
The Eurpoean Half marathon Championship winner (and bloody-nose lady) Volha Mazuronak couldn’t hold off Kenyan and Ethipian competition, or indeed some of her own compatriots at the Minsk half marathon. Sheila Jerotich smashed her only other previous official half marathon time from 2016 to run a new PR of 1:12:02

1 Sheila Jerotich 01:12:02 Kenya (new PR)
2 Sviatlana KUDZELICH 01:12:03 Belarus (PR 1:11:450
3 Meseret Gebre DEKEBO01:12:43 Ethiopia
4 Nina SAVINA 01:13:20 Belarus
5. Volha MAZURONAK 01:13:58 Belarus


Talinn marathon was a fantastic day for London,UK runners with a storming 5th place from Rebecca Bunting. Rebecca was part of the London Heathside AC ladies team who won Club Championship gold at London marathon this year, with her own run being 2:58:12. Also in the top 10 was Cat Simpson of London’s Fullham RC who joined the sub-three club for the first time running a huge 4 minute PR to come in a perfectly judged 10seconds under the target.

The race was won in a new 2 minute PR by Daisy Langat of Kenya with

1. Daisy Langat, Kenya, 2:33:50
2. Kaia Lepik, Estonia, 2:52:22
3. Amane Sedi CHEWO
5th Rebecca Bunting of London Heathside AC in 2:56:07 (New PR - previously 2:57:16)
10th Cat Simpson of Fulham RC (London) in 2:59:50 (new PR)

Rebecca was one of Heathside’s Gold Medal winning club team at London Marathon this year.

Check out the great coverage from iRunFar here and full results here

Local lady Nikolina Šustić started out strongly and held out against competition and others fading (Czech Republic’s Radka Churáňová) or plugging along just behind her (Nele Alder-Baerens, GER) or gradually working their way up the ranks (A three-strong Japanese contingent) to turn her early second place into an eventual win and PR.

Photo: https://www.facebook.com/TopliceSvetiMartin

Photo: https://www.facebook.com/TopliceSvetiMartin

For the USA:
Caroline Boiler came 11th, taking over from Devon Yanko (strava profile) who I think initially had the lead for the team and went on to finish in 106th . Emily Harisson took 2nd for the US just behind GB’s Smanthat Amend and Liza Howard 3rd.

For GB:

Samantha Amend finished in 15th place, with Carla Molinaro (9th at comrades earlier in the year) in 30th and Sue Harrison in 51st. Carla was having an amazing race until about 60k when it all went a bit pear-shaped but she showed the grit that we’ve seen so much of in her avrious challenges by still grinding out that 30th place finish in her first ever 100k race. Judging by her Insta post afterwards I don’t think this is the end of her 100k appearances!

Individual Results

  1. Nikolina Šustić (Croatia) – 7:20:34 (pre-race and post-race interviews)

  2. Nele Alder-Baerens (Germany) – 7:22:41 (pre-race and post-race interviews)

  3. Mai Fujisawa (Japan) – 7:39:07 (post-race interview) 

  4. Mikiko Ota (Japan) – 7:39:45

  5. Aiko Kanematsu (Japan) – 7:44:58

  6. Yuko Kusunose (Japan) – 7:49:33

  7. Salome Cooper (South Africa) – 7:51:13

  8. Noora Honkala (Finland) – 7:52:04

  9. Kajsa Berg (Sweden) – 7:52:39

  10. Leonie Ton (Netherlands) – 7:54:55

Team Results

  1. Japan – Combined time of 23:03:50 from third, fourth, and fifth positions

  2. South Africa – Combined time of 23:56:44 from seventh, 14th, and 19th positions

  3. Croatia –  Combined time of 24:13:57 from first, 18th, and 46th positions

  4. USA - Combined time of 24:32:02

    … UK came 9th in the team results with 25:20:33

Also last weekend…

1. Strähl Martina 3: 14.36
2. Maier Michelle 3: 29.25
3. Segalada Michela 3: 33.11
10th was Sara Willhoit of the UK in 3:53:59

1. Nataliia Semenovych, 02:47:56
2. Lina Kiriliuk, 02:50:28
3. Alena Shumik, 02:59:15
Big gap after that to 4th place in 3:12:43
22nd place went to Elizabeth Waddingham of Wimbledon Windmilers (London) in 03:40:43

1. Sheila Jeptto Rono, KEN, 2:45:46
2. Annika Vössing, GER, 2:51:24
3. Dioni Gorla, GER, 2:51:40

Mostly local athletes.



BERLIN MARATHON, baby! Separate post to follow!

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Cajsa brings you all the news from the trails: 

With most of the trail running community suffering from an annual spout of Alp Withdrawal Syndrome (symptoms include limping around local dirt roads with a faint echo of cowbell ringing in your ears searching for switchbacks and asking where the nearest refuggio is at your local ski slope), it was a bit of a quiet one on the wild side of running this weekend. Thankfully our trusted Queen of Baggy was free from the burden of Comte and Wino come downs and out making noise on the behalf of us all on the dusty trails around Tahoe.

TAHOE 200, 205.5 miles / 12253 m

This race might be called Tahoe 200 but the undulating course following the Tahoe Rim Trail as it circumnavigates the biggest alpine lake in America is in fact 205.5 miles long (to use runner-terminology; nearly two more parkruns to add to the double hundred!). It is a very very VERY long journey along a dusty single track, through pine woods, up rocky climbs, over dreamy looking ridges into meadows for a couple (triple if you are human) of days and nights until you are back where you started. With that in mind it has a surprisingly high finishing rate of 85%. I suppose 200 miles is a distance daunting enough to make runners come well prepared. Someone who definitely does not lack in either mileage or experience is Womens Round Up's favourite shero Courtney Dauwalter. Having won pretty much every race she's entered this year with WS100 being the most notable all the odds were on her oversized shorts to make it first back to the start/finish line.

After taking the lead around 10 miles into the race Dauwalter looked like she was going to repeat her OA victory from last years Moab 200. Even whilst struggling with nutrition for long periods during the race she stayed in front of the pack for 162 miles and it was only with 30 miles to go that Kyle Curtin started to close in on Courtney. Judging by the GPS trackers the two of them seemed to run alongside each other for a while before Kyle eventually managed to get a gap during the last 3 miles and took home the win. So no repeat of her Moab 200 OA triumph from last year BUT Courtney still came second and beat the course record with nearly 18 hours. The organisers did run the course in opposite direction this year so that should be taken into consideration … still though … WHAT.A.CRUISER.

The results are not finalised yet as at the time of writing the finish line is still welcoming runners home for another five hours but I do know that first lady behind Courtney was Mika Thewes and third was Carrie Stafford. Twitter has also told me that the Tahoe 200 is part of something called the Grand Slam 200 where runners complete three 200 milers in a year, the other races included are the Moab 200 and Bigfoot 200. The Carrie Brandshaw question of the day; Are 200 milers the new 100 milers? (for the answer check out the lil gold nugget of a film that Salomon made on Courtneys race over at their social media platforms)

1. Courtney Dauwalter 49:54:36

2. Mika Thewes --:--:-- (but it was a good 8 hours or so behind C.D)

3. Carrie Stafford --:--:--

Back to Vino Rosso, Gelato, Refugios and old favourites.

ULTRA TOUR MONTE ROSA, 170 k / 11300 m

I was all up for writing a round up on this beastly race put on by the legendary Lizzy Hawker in the less trodden parts of the Italian mountains but sadly all the results I could find was from the live tracking page and as that only displays the top 14 finishers we don't get more insight than that Nicky Spinks crushed it and won the ladies race in 37:11:27 placing her 7th on the OA ranking. I mean it is Nicky Spinks so we shouldn't be surprised but that is an amazing performance from the 51 year old Yorkshire lass.


For those of us who find the idea of running 100 miles in the mountains with 10000 + elevation in one go a bit daunting the idea of splitting the distance over a week long stage race and share the journey with your BRF (best running friend) might seem like a more attractive challenge. Not that running 30-ish k with a decent chunk of vert for seven days in a row is an easy thing to do …Transalpine Run is a new kid on the block and this third edition of the race saw the pairs of runners traverse the Alps through three countries on a new revised route from Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Brixen.

The by now famous El Kott Twins were filling the gap in the Skyrunning calendar with another stage race and this time they did not have much competition in the ladies field. They dominated the race from the first day to the last and repeated their win from Transrockies by completing the GTAR in 32:40:09 over ten hours ahead of second female duo Ina Forchthammer & Sarah Doerschlag. Rounding out the podium was Veronika Hamminger & Jennifer Eisenhuber who completed the seven day long journey in 46 hours.

1. Lina & Sanna El Kott Helander 32:40:09

2. Ina Forchthammer & Sarah Doerschlag 43:11:28

3. Veronika Hamminger & Jennifer Eisenhuber 46:00:31



As you can guess by the name this race is MASSIVE, not in the Great North Run with a course staggered by too many runners but in the way that the course profile is so long that you need a billboard to fit it in. 330 km long and with 24000 m of positive elevation gain this one is a giantosaurus of a race. I had a look at the mandatory kit list the other day and it included multiple survival blankets as well as a knife (I'm suspecting its to protect yourself from hallucinating fellow runners rather than bears) …

With the race already unfolding this is technically not really a preview but more of a "Right now in the mountains of Italy" mid-funk report. Currently in the lead and 222 km into the race is experienced Spanish runner Silvia Ainhoa Trigueros. She has had a quiet 2018 but have notable rankings from previous seasons on the international trail scene with a 3rd place at Hong Kong 100 and Transgrancanaria back in 2016. Chasing her is this years UTS 100 champion and british shero Jamie Aarons, she is about 4 hours behind Silvia but the race is far from over so GO JAMIE! Third is Scilla Tonetti and fourth Giulia Saggin, both hailing from Italy.


With both the irunfar contingent and the Salomon bike camera crew out on location in Scotland for this final instalment of the Golden Trail Series (which also plays the part as the World Championships of Skyrunning) the live coverage is looking to be a treat!

But it's not only the media who's targeting this rugged scramble of a race this weekend, ready to roam the ridges of Mamores are also a stellar field of elites. Amongst them is Laura Orgue who has had an amazing season on the Skyrunner series and recently placed second at both Zegama and Pikes Peak, will this be the race where we finally get to see her at the top of the podium? Not if Sheila Aviles has something to say about it, having finished behind Orgue at both Zegama and Livigno she is likely to want to get in front this time.

Another runner with a recent second place ranking on her resume is Spains Eli Gordon who had a great race at OCC two weeks ago which might have left her hungry for more.

The Swedish El Kott's will OBVIOUSLY be there as well and when they are we tend to see at least 50% of them in the top 3. All my fingers are crossed for a team GB champion though as we have some very strong contenders on the start line. Sky Queen Holly Page has had a very solid season and she has all the strength needed to take the victory in this stacked race and the fell running phenomenon Victoria Wilkinson who has not raced since placing ninth at Sierre-Zinal should have legs fresh enough for a podium finish.

Someone who is used to rough terrain and could surprise the big names is the Orienteering world champion Tove Alexandersson. She has had one go at an international sky running race (LimoneXtreme Shyrace) before and that time she won. Be there or be square eyed on Sunday cause this is going to be a nail-biter!

The main focus might be on Ring Of Steall this year but the Scottish mountains hosts two more races over the weekend. The longer and steeper Glen Coe Skyline (52 km / 4750m) and the almost as long but gentler Ben Nevis Ultra (51 km / 3787m). I am very much looking forward to return with reports from all three races next week!