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Is that tumble weed? Not much happening but there were a couple of road races. Stay tuned for Cajs’a jam-packed Trails roundup.


It was a local affair in St Petersburg with Russians taking the top five spots. Maria Osokina ran a 2 minute PB to win in 2:34:11

  1. Maria OSOKINA RUS 2:34:11

  2. Gulnara VYGOVSKAYA RUS 2:40:06

  3. Elizaveta YEROKHINA RUS 2:40:51

  4. Olesya SHUKLINA RUS 2:43:17

  5. Elena TOLSTYKH RUS 2:43:41



With a starting temperature of 28c, rising to 36c I can’t even comprehend how they ran these times. The Hella Halbmarathon celebrated its 25th year with record numbers of people having to come off the course for heat stroke. Oof. The win went to 26 year old Melat Yisak Kejeta who was born in Ethiopia but has been living in Germany for some time. She recently passed the citizenship tests that allowed her to compete for Germany under new rules. Her PB is 1:08 so I would say that in that heat that’s a decent run!

  1. Melat Yisak KEJETA GER 1:11:29

  2. Gladys JEPTEPKENY KEN 1:13:22

  3. Tabitha Gichia WAMBUI KEN 1:15:33

  4. Yelena DOLININ ISR 1:16:29

  5. Marisa Casanueva CABRERO ESP 1:16:33


Night of 10000m PBs

I know it’s 10k but you have to watch this. Online, in person, whatever. Track racing in London with fireworks and mile challenges and a beer lane. It’s awesome.

Atlanta Olympic Trials

Nell Rojas, the winner of last week’s Grandma’s Marathon in 2:28:06, and the only person to get the IAAF qualifying standard in that race, is naturally going to try and secure a place on the US team in 2020, but really has her sights set on the 2024 games according to the Denver Post . As mentioned in previous coverage, Nell is relatively late to marathoning, having run her first last year at CIM. A lot is being said about how that means she has less mileage in her legs and how that’s a good thing. Nell herself commented:

“Part of the reason I am so excited and so happy that I’m just coming into marathons at 31 is because my main goal right now is the 2024 Olympics,”

You can see the full list of current OTQs here . There are 341 at the list and as Fast Women points out, there’s still another CIM to come, which usually produces lost of fast times.

Peachtree 10K

Before the Olympic trials take place in Atlanta, the Atlanta Track CLub will be hosting the annual Peachtree 10K. Specialist Emily Sisson is heading over to run it on Independence day (4th July). There’s a strong field and also testing her speed-legs is NAZ Elite’s Aliphine Tuliamuk who seems to be hitting some short races as part of her marathon training (recently the Boulder Boulder which was won by Nell Rojas!). However, I’m most excited to see how GB’s Tish Jones gets on she ran 33:06 at the Vitality 10k in London earlier this year for 4th place and PB’s at London marathon not long before that with 2:31:00.

Tish Jones

Tish Jones


7th July Gold Coast Marathon - the elite field is here. I’ll do a preview on Thursday