ROAD & TRAIL NEWS 15/7/19: Buff Epic race, Lake Sky Ultra, Dirty 1500s to the marathon

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Hey there. Did you miss me? I was off on holiday last week and despite there being plenty of exciting action at The Night of 10k PB’s, the Gold Coast Marathon & Half Marathon , Peachtree 10k and other stuff I decided that a week of holiday should be exactly that. So, I was reading about running and doing my own running (which is rather ‘meh’ at the moment as it happens) but wasn’t online to bring you the news.

Big marathons and half marathons (or even local ones) are pretty non-existent in the calendar at the moment with 10k’s, track events like the Muller Anniversary Games and Diamond League and trail/ultras being the races of choice at this time of year. The next IAAF certified on is Bogota on the 28th. There was the ‘KFC Mauritius Marathon’ this weekend (no, I’m not joking, it’s sponsored by KFC) but there are no results to be found so far.

Cajsa, our resident trail/ultra guru is off bagging munroes as she finalises her TDS training so happily I can bring you some off-road results to sate your podium appetites.

BUFF EPIC TRAIL 68km 5,000m elevation and 42km 2,900m elevation

Cajsa tells me that this is a ‘super sky race’ which means that lots of the top trail ladies were out to get themselves some points for the sky race series. It seems to have paid off for Buff winner Sheila Aviles Castano as she moves up into 2nd place in the series, nipping at the MDS-winning, multi-terrain-eating heels of Ragna Debats. In this race, Debats was held off the podium to take 4th behind a brilliant performance from GB’s Holly Page who pushed all the way knowing that she was being chased by the Spaniard and now sits in 6th place overall. Page tore a knee ligament last June and was unable to walk for some time. She has been gaining confidence and says of the race “for once, I felt really strong on the climbs and although I descended the first hill like a granny, my confidence (/competitiveness!) returned on each steep descent as I learnt to have faith that my foot wouldn't snap off”.
Current standings in the series are:



1 - Elisabeth RIOS PEREDO SPAIN 11:53:06
2 - Aida PEREZ MONCHO SPAIN 12:05:24
3 - Belinda ORTIZ RUIZ SPAIN 12:27:48

full results

1 - Sheila AVILES CASTAÑO SPAIN 4:37:40
2 - Johanna ÅSTRÖM SWE 4:42:52
3 - Holly PAGE GBR 4:54:20

Full results

The marathon distance of this race has been chosen as a GB Trial race, with the top two automatically qualifying to be taken to Argentina to represent Great Britain. With that in mind it was a competitive field. Having ‘never run up a mountain before’ Kirsteen Welch must be pretty stoked with her win, though she does say she had to go ‘deeper into the pain cave than I’ve ever been before"‘

Welch, Willhoit and Tindley (via Instagram)

Welch, Willhoit and Tindley (via Instagram)


  1. Becky Atkinson 06:45:21

  2. Nia Albiston 06:56:10

  3. Helen Pickford 07:24:56

Marathon (GB Trial Race)

  1. Kirsteen Welch 04:07:52

  2. Sara Willhoit 04:10:15

  3. Georgia Tindley 04:13:54

Half Marathon

  1. Josie Lloyd 02:11:14

  2. Laura Kayne 02:12:04

  3. Rhian Probert 02:16:25

LAKE SKY ULTRA 60k 5,000m elevation


It was the second race in the Skyrunner UK and Ireland 2019 series this weekend and Sophie Grant won it for the second year running.

Run 247 reports:

Sophie Grant dominated the women’s race from the start, with Polish runner Kasia Osipowicz, offering a challenge in the first half, but Grant pulled away to create a gap that Osipowicz couldn’t close. Grant, who finished 9th at Lavaredo just two weeks before, said at the finish; “I thought I had a race on my hands in the first half, but with opening the gap I quickly realised 1st place was in the bag”. Hannah Walsh put in a fantastic effort to take the 3rd place in the Lakes Sky Ultra 2019.

  1. Sophie Grant, Beta Running 10:27:07

  2. Kasia Osipowicz, Glossopdale Harriers 11:06:40

  3. Hannah Walsh 13:43:55

Full results


Malindi Elmore is a Canadian 1500m runner who missed out on a place at London 2012s Olympic 1500m final by one place only to have 6 of the athletes in the final later banned for doping. Since then then canadian team have fared rather better in their Olympic results but Malindi had already retired from track, moved into Triathlons, had two children and has now fallen into the Marathon running. She ran a 2:32 debut in Houston earlier this year and while she’s playing it cool in this interview, her Insta feed and the announcement of her participation in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon (with England’s Jo O’Regan and Louise Small) in October (with confirms that she’ll be chasing a Tokyo 2020 spot. From the small amounts I’ve read about her, I think she sounds ace ans I hope she gets it!


Someone set a world record in women’s V50 category for the distance run on a track in 1 hour. But I can’t find the article now, so you’ll just have to take my word for it!

Ethiopian-Dutch Nike runner Sifan Hassan broke set a new mile world record in a #bravelikegabe memorial race, running 4:12.33. She’ll be running at the Muller Anniversary Games in London this weekend so that’ll be interesting.

Do you think it’s ok to do a rundown of the top 10 Parkrun times each week? Would be interested to know your views (I would say yes - but I’m interested in opinions)


The World Championships take place in Doha 27th Sept - 6th Oct