Night of the the 10,000m PB's: Preview // How to Watch it // Full Startlist

The annual Night of the 10,000m PB’s takes place this Saturday at Parliament Hill Athletics Track, London and it’s free!

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This is a world class event and one which made me realise that when running is done the right way, I love spectating as much as I do running. It is more engaging as any football match or grand prix - you get right up close to the action as athletes duke it out over several 25lap races and finish amidst pyrotechnics. On top of the normal #Lane3BeerNCheer, circus entertainment,‘lactic tunnels of love’, a home straight pedestrian bridge, infield spectating, live music, back straight DJ and a Legends Seminar this year they have added Wave Light Technology and gong-man! The Wave light is a light that goes round the edge of the track showing where athletes should be to hit a certain pace (e.g Olympic qualifying). So, as a spectator you know whether they are on track (!) to get the time or not without constantly having to look at your watch and do the maths. Also, if you’re not a running geek and have no idea what a good time is, you can easily have an idea of how the race is going. If that wasn’t enough they’ll have a man dressed in a gold suit banging a huge drum when they hit the final lap (and the normal little bell too).

If you can’t get there you can watch it online:

UK : & final two race will be broadcast on the BBC here
US or Canada:

Here’s a taste of last year:

Women’s races take place at 16:30, 19:15 and 20:45 but to be honest you should just watch the lot. The men’s races are going to be storming too.

You can read a preview here at
Full lineup inc men’s starts and interschools relay can be found here. Women’s lineups below.

Helen Clitheroe is in charge of the team for GB and she has a great squad. Amongst others we’ve got…

Charlotte Arter: British 10,000m champion and parkrun record holder

Steph Twell: Winner of the vitality 10k who embodies sheer grit and determination who ran a casual 2:30 marathon debut

Alice Wright: Part of the HOKA NAZ Elite team, Wright trains under Ben Rosario over in the US. She came 6th representing GB at the European Athletics Champs, Berlin 2018. She ran 1:11:37 for 3rd place at the Rock’n’Roll San Diego Half Marathon earlier this year

Aly Dxon: Olympic marathoner who is about to make the switch to 50k but is mixing it up with a shorter race and is on fine form at the moment

Sarah Inglis: Scottish born and back representing GB after a 9 year break and a move to Vancouver and a re-invigoration of her running career

Mhairi McLennan: Also brings Scottish talent to the mix, she ran a great race at the World Cross Country Champs earlier this year placing 32nd and 8th European. It’s her first track race of the year

Eilish McColgan: Two time Olympian and another speedy Scot! She has run the third fastest 5000m time in British history this summer (14:47:94)

Verity Ockenden: Athlete and poet from Swansea, Ockenden was 3rd in the Vitality 10k and 4th in the Westminster mile this year. She was frustrated with her most recent race and is looking to go all-in this time

There are other GB ladies running but those are the official team members. An honorable mention to Hayley Carruters, accidental London Marathon viral sensation whose crawl over the line overshadowed her hard work and amazing result (18th for her 3rd marathon ever when she started running only just over a year before). She’s making her 10k track debut. Exciting as this girl doesn’t do thing by halves.

Women’s A Race @ 20:45 BST including the European 10,000m Cup

Rank by PBBibNameGenderAGCatLaneTeamPBSB
1251Charlotte ArterFSENEF1GBR32:16:11 
352Jessica AUGUSTOFSENEF2POR31:19:15 
1653Roxana BÂRCĂFSENEF3ROU32:31:37 
3756Stephanie DAVISFSENF5CC33:42:00 
1757Sophie DUARTEFSENEF6FRA32:34:07 
2558Claire DUCKFSENF7LEEDS32:51:38 
261Dulce FÉLIXFSENEF8POR31:19:0331:56:35
1862Charlotta FOUGBERGFSENEF9SWE32:34:47 
1464Anna GEHRINGFSENEF10GER32:20:37 
1166Sarah INGLISFSENEF11GBR32:11:4232:11:42
2067Sviatlana KUDZELICHFSENEF12BLR32:41:01 
2968Mhairi MACLENNANFSENEF13GBR32:59:00 
1069Eilish MCCOLGANFSENEF14GBR32:10:59 
470Fionnuala MCCORMACKFSENEF15IRL31:29:22 
2171Maitane MELEROFSENEF16ESP32:44:0932:44:09
1572Militsa MIRCHEVAFSENEF17BUL32:30:0732:30:07
2473Emma MITCHELLFSENEF18IRL32:50:31 
174Sara MOREIRAFSENEF19POR31:13:33 
2275Darya MYKHAYLOVAFSENEF20UKR32:45:1032:45:10
3476Verity OCKENDENFSENEF21GBR33:23:31 
980Carla Salomé ROCHAFSENEF22POR32:06:2232:28:02
581Lonah Chemtai SALPETERFSENEF23ISR31:33:03 
1984Louise SMALLFSENF24AFD32:35:13 
3686Nicole TAYLORFSENF25TONB33:31:55 
787Stephanie TWELLFSENF26AFD31:55:00 
889Alice WRIGHTFSENEF28GBR31:56:5231:56:52
2390Valeriya ZINENKOFSENEF29UKR32:47:3532:47:35
3591Esther NAVARRETEFSENEF30ESP33:24:38 
28153Carmela CARDAMAFSENEF31ESP32:55:5032:55:50
32155Sara DOSSENAFSENEF32ITA33:12:38 
27163Paulina KACZYŃSKAFSENEF33POL32:54:0532:54:05
26169Nuria LUGUEROSFSENEF34ESP32:53:2932:58:02
31170Gema MARTINFSENEF35ESP33:12:0733:12:07
38171Isabel MATTUZZIFSENEF36ITA33:43:00 
30173Renata PLIŚFSENEF37POL33:07:3533:07:35
13255Aly DIXONFSENF38SUNDS32:17:00

Women’s B Race @ 19:15 BST

Rank by PBBibNameGenderAGCatLaneTeamPBSB
2155Maria Chiara CascavillaFSENEF1ITA34:09:00 
459Giovanna EPISFSENEF2ITA33:14:00 
278Weronika PYZIKFSENEF3POL32:38:2933:41:35
179Catarina RIBEIROFSENEF4POR32:21:00 
582Nina SAVINAFSENEF5BLR33:14:00 
2485Tatsiana STSEFANENKAFSENEF6BLR34:18:00 
28152Monika BYTAUTIENĖFSENEF7LTU35:02:58 
25154Vienna Søyland DAHLEFSENEF8NOR34:29:32 
32156Nicole EGGERFSENEF9SUI35:40:05 
19157Pernilla EPLANDFSENEF10NOR34:05:38 
16158Sevilay EYTEMIŞFSENEF11TUR33:45:55 
12159Susana GODINHOFSENEF12POR33:23:3133:23:31
6160Anna GOSKFSENEF13POL33:15:1633:15:16
33161Fanni GYURKÓFSENEF14HUN35:48:23 
30162Kristina HENDELFSENEF15CRO35:10:03 
27164Katsiaryna KARNEYENKAFSENEF16BLR34:51:13 
9165Olha KOTOVSKAFSENEF17UKR33:21:2033:21:20
8166Nina LAUWAERTFSENEF18BEL33:20:2033:49:47
20167Fadouwa LEDHEMFSENEF19FRA34:07:3234:07:32
31168Rebecca LONEDOFSENEF20ITA35:28:49 
7172AnnMarie MCGLYNNFSENEF21IRL33:17:13 
18174Aoibhe RICHARDSONFSENEF22IRL33:59:2134:10:32
23175Valeria ROFFINOFSENEF23ITA34:10:32 
17176Fionnuala ROSSFSENEF24IRL33:50:3233:51:26
11177Cristina SIMIONFSENEF25ROU33:21:37 
15178Iryna SOMAVAFSENEF26BLR33:42:22 
13179Moira STEWARTOVÁFSENEF27CZE33:24:5833:24:58
10180Teresa URBINAFSENEF28ESP33:21:3633:21:36
29181Karen VAN PROEYENFSENEF29BEL35:06:5535:06:55
22183Maria Sagnes WÅGANFSENEF31NOR34:10:11 
14184Liv WESTPHALFSENEF32FRA33:42:03 
3258Marta GALIMANYFSENF33ESP33:09:00

Women’s C Race @ 16:30 BST

Rank by PBBibNameGenderAGCatLaneTeamPB
7250Tamara ArmoushFSENF1BIRCH34:00:00
8252Becky BRIGGSFU20F3CHULL34:09:00
28254Molly BROWNEFSENF5BRAT35:54:00
11256Abbie DONNELLYFSENF6LINCW34:31:00
31257Kate DREWFSENF7TAUNT36:07:00
14259Laura GENTFSENF8AFD34:42:00
34260Claire GRIMAFSENF9HW36:53:00
9261Annabel GUMMOWFSENF10WINCD34:16:00
27262Helen HALLFSENF11WINCD35:51:00
10263Sophie HARRISFSENF12SWAN34:30:00
4264Danielle HODGKINSONFSENF13WALLS33:41:00
23266Caroline HOYTEFSENF15ARE8035:40:00
13267Hannah IRWINFSENF16GG34:38:00
32269Alexa KINGFSENF18WINCD36:10:00
2270Phoebe LAWFSENF19KACPH33:11:00
12271Grace LYNCHFSENF20IVERA34:37:00
30272Kirandeep MARSHFSENF21TONB35:59:00
19273Avril MASONFSENF22SHETT35:07:00
6274Julia MAYERFSENF23VBWIE33:59:00
20277Naomi MITCHELLFSENF24READ35:14:00
5279Dani NIMMOCKFSENF25CONAC33:41:00
25280Hannah OLDROYDFSENF26RIBVH35:42:00
21281Clarysse PICARDFSENF27UNATT35:19:00
22282Sarah POTTERFSENF28VPCOG35:19:00
29283Michelle SANDISONFSENF29SPRBH35:58:00
24284Maisie TRAFFORDFSENF30ARE8035:40:00
16285Catherine WHORISKEYFSENF31CDS34:59:00
17286Melanie WILKINSFSENF32WINCD35:00:00
33438Ruth JOSSFSENF33SHETT36:43:00
1445Hanne VERBRUGGENF F35KBAB32:00:00