OCC 2019

Gill here, because our resident trail jedi Cajsa is getting some well deserved rest after her epic performance at TDS.

The OCC is 56 km & 3 500 m ascent, 1 200 runners and started at at 8:15 from Orsières, It’s the shortest of the adult races and is therefore often a starting point for those wishing to begin a UTMB adventure. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not competitive at the sharp end! You can track it at https://utmbmontblanc.com/en/live/occ

RUTH CROFT, SHEILA AVILES (leading the sky series atm) and AZARA GARCIA were flagged by Cajsa as favourites for the win.

Croft looks to be heading for a 3rd win in a row at the OCC having gone through the second to last check-point at Argentiere a good 10minutes ahead of Azara GARCÍA DE LOS SALMONES . Last year she won in 5:53:09 and she’s 4:30 into the race now so we’ll know soon if she’s going to beat that 2018 time.


Spain’s Garcia is on Crofty’s heels … can she make it?!

Aviles seems to have pulled out part way through the race - perhaps with her eye on the Skyrunner series? That which leaves space for 33 y/o one-time winner of the Asian Skyrunning circuit who placed 16th in the World Trail Chamionships 2019, Yuri YOSHIZUMI to come through and challenge for third. The Spaniards aren’t letting the Japanese have it that easy though - Anna COMET was only 5mins behind at their most recent checkpoint. Comet finished one place behind Yoshizumi in the trail champs so that might give fuel to the fire! C’mon ladies, give us a fight!

UPDATE: Crofy did it! 5:50:04 for a faster time than last year and another win which was nearly 20mins ahead of her closest rival, Garcia. Yoshizumi stepped up third after lengthening her lead on Comet to 7 mins