Training Log: 25th Feb - 3rd Mar 2019 - (Wk 44 &45 #WeGoAgain)

Mon 25th - 30 minutes Recovery Run
Runcommute home after work as Mr B had insomnia and I was on duty with the small boy overnight and in the morning.
7.89, 8'16/mi, 1:05:14

Tues 26th - AM: Gym Session // PM: Club Session
Coach BenFP is breaking out the big guns now…back to the weights PLUS a conditioning session in the morning before track in the evening. In the past, my best track session was after a weights block in the morning. It makes no sense but we were interested to see what happened. Lo and behold, despite walking like John Wayne after the morning bit… I ran my fastest ever and consistently at track. Wha?! This is going to hurt tomorroa…

AM = Weights session
17.5kg deadlift, 12.5x2kg lunge, 35kg back squat
+ Glute and Hips NTC //

PM, run to track, track = 12x400 off 90s 1:23, 1:23,1:23, 1:21, 1:21, 1:20
1:21, 1:20,1:20,1:19,1:20, 1:20,
jog to tube and tube to home

Weds 27th - 45 minutes Easy Run
Run commute. Struggle to sleep last night - maybe the track adrenaline? Glutes aching BIG time.

8.12mi, 1:06:37 , 8:12/mi , 154, bpm

Thurs 28th - 10 minutes Warm Up, 20,15,5,5 minutes at Threshold with a 2 minute recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down
Done as a runcommute with light rucksack. It was an eventful night where I had a heady mix of garlic bread and baby milk spewed down my front in the middle of the night. Thank goodness the inlaws are here to take over today! I thought there was a 10min block (eg. 20,15,10,5) but there wasn’t so once I’d worked that out I planned to hammer the last 5 mins and I felt like I was… but er, clearly not?!

Threshold blocks were:
20=6'48 (that was never going to be pretty)

Friday 1st - Rest Day or 30 minutes Recovery Run
Hmm… 3 hrs sleep with an ill baby. Half a runcommute as needed to run to keep losening the legs but didn’t want to risk an excuse for tomorrow.
4.36mi, 37:20, 8:34/mi. 147bpm

Saturday 2nd - 120 minute Long Run; Pick up middle 60 minutes to Marathon Pace
Aiming for the 6’50 end of the pace window this time as it was on less tired legs within the session (though more tired from earlier in the week!)

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Last week VS this week long run. The same : comfy clothes and socks and @shalaneflanagan Beetroot smoothie for after. Different : ↔️Last week was 3hrs with the last 45mins aiming for MP 6'50-7'10 so trying to hit it on tired legs within the run. I hit 6'53// this week was 120mins with the middle 60 at MP at the 6'50 end. Less volume and fresher legs within the run though they had more of a bashing during the week. I hit 6'48 ↔️Last week MP section was downhill at the start gently to give me some mental oomph. //this week it was pancake flat canal Towpath ↔️Last week it was warm towards the end and I was gasping and hanging on in there like a poorly puppy // this week it was mild but grey the whole way around. Both runs unfuelled thou this week that was due to my forgetfulness in the hurry of getting out. ↔️Last week I started early but after good sleep// this week I started later but after a week of poorly baby and the resulting variability ↔️Last week i got home and was welcomed by all my family and lots of fun with the energetic niece and nephew // this week wee hunkered down just the three of us... NEXT Week : volume AND quality. 150mins with second 75 at MP. Anyone want to come to Chingford at 7am next Saturday morning and pace the second half? #NOTEVENJOKING °° #blandontherun #WeGoAgain #thelongroadback #fullpotential #marathon #womensrunning #YourRuns #christiansinsport #runhappy #ASICSFrontRunner #ASICSFrontRunner2019 instarunners  #wearetherunners #runnerscommunity #run #ukrunchat #motherrunner #marathontraining #running Road to @limassolmarathon @londonmarathon

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30 = 7'49 // 60 = 6'48 // 42 (12 extra) = 7'47 overall 7'20/mi 160bpm HR

Sunday 3rd - 30 minutes Conditioning Work at home
Swiss ball + end of glutes to the max. Tired

Total miles: 56.4