Training Log: 4th -10th Mar 2019 - (Wk 46 #WeGoAgain)

Monday 4th - 10 minutes Warm Up, 6 x 5 minutes with a 90 second recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down - Alternate between Threshold and 10k Effort (1,3,5 at Threshold, 2,4,6 at 10k Pace

Mr B is away with work so I took Mini B to nursery and then ran into work doing this session with a rucksack. It wasn’t the quietest night as Mini B is still recovering from his bug so I wasn’t expecting much but it was ok actually. My hamstrings feel really tight though and I had a headache during the run.
1, 3, 5 Threshold = 6'31 /6'22/6'23
2,4,6, 10k = 6'23/ 6'03/6'28

Tuesday 5th - Rest Day or 30 minutes Recovery Run
Mr B away overnight. Got up to see to Mini B in the night and felt really nauseous. Didn’t sleep much as a result and still felt bad in the morning so didn’t run. Ended up leaving work early and coming home to sleep as I felt rotten. Later that evening I was finally sick and felt a bit better as a result but ate hardly anything all day. Mr B was then ill in the same manner but worse and … elsewhere, later that night

Wednesday 6th - should have been something… but was shelved.
Took a sick day from work. Wiped out and feel nauseous. Stomach is fizzing and popping like crazy. Mr B in bed with worse stomach issues. Can’t even contemplate running. Managed to eat some dinner but not loads and not much else all day. Feel achey up my back and hips.

Thursday 7th - should have been something but can’t face anything.

Working from home but still feeling pretty rough and achey and can’t really face food. Not sure Saturday’s long run is going to be possible.

Friday 8th - Gym Session // Actually was a tentative 20mins run to see how I felt

Was good to get out but felt like hard work. Couldn’t leave Mr B for too long anyway as he’s still broken and mini B might wake
3.2 mi, 26:19, 8:03/mi

Saturday 9th - 150 minute Long Run; First 75 minutes Easy, Second 75 minutes at Marathon Pace //changed to 45 min easy

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<edit >I started the rest of this post but then I thought I should say something inspiring about #internationalwomensday I can't think of much that others haven't already said, but I'll reitterate that the women's running community is brilliant. We want women to know that everyone can do it and encourage all to have the confidence to run if they want to. Together we are also learning how to balance that with showing each other that striving for excellence and being competitive is not mutually exclusive with being welcoming and inclusive. We won't always get it right be I think everyone is trying pretty hard. And as @banjosaurus 's artwork reminds me daily, the other ladies have got my back. <back to the pity party... >Well this is fun. Should have been staring down the barrel of a chunky marathon pace session on Saturday but I picked up a stomach bug on Tuesday and while I've not been actually ill since then my stomach has been feeling ugh most of the time and my sides ached. (Ladies who have dealt with long term morning sickness or worse - Iam in awe of you. This is proper annoying) I mean, I've not even wanted coffee since Tuesday. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! So.. Rescheduled to Monday hopefully will be the last big tester ahead of me heading off to @limassolmarathon Excited does not even cover it. This big pregnancy sized limassol hoodie from last year has been getting a lot of love when I'm snuggled up after a hard session or not feeling great. Looking forward to finally racing there. #blandontherun #WeGoAgain #thelongroadback #fullpotential #marathon #womensrunning #YourRuns #christiansinsport #runhappy #ASICSFrontRunner #ASICSFrontRunner2019 instarunners  #wearetherunners #runnerscommunity #run #ukrunchat #motherrunner #marathontraining #running Road to @limassolmarathon @londonmarathon

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Really fed up, sad to miss the long run, in a mood with life and Mr B and hating my birthday this year. Need to have a stern word with myself.
7.11mi, 57:14 8:03/mi

Sunday 10th - Conditioning Work at home

Feeling human (though tired) again! Did swiss ball and glute session

Total miles: 18.3