Training Log: 11th -17th Mar 2019 - (Wk 47 #WeGoAgain)

Mon 11th - Gym Session // Changed to do the 150 with last 75 MP
After last week’s wipe out, this was Saturday’s long run. It should have been a blaster session to give me big confidence but instead I used some of mine and MrB’s precious day off together to have a guilt free go at getting through 2.5 hrs when I wasn’t sure if I’d complete it due to lack of fuelling over the last week. I did a really dull but no-brainer out and back route. The weather was ok but it felt like hard work even for the first 1hr 15. I thought I’d just see what I could do, if anything for the second half and was more than happy if I just ended up with a steady 2.5 hrs. As it happened I managed an ok Marathon Pace section. I mean, it was way slower than my hoped for pace before I got ill but I was surprised I managed that so was happy. Went and ate belated birthday cake and brunch afterwards.

"20.34mi , 2:30:49,  7:25/mi - MP section was 7'00/mi took two gels."

Tues 12th - Gym Session               
20kg deadlift, 12.5x2kg lunge, 35kg back squat & plyos + Glute and Hips NTC

Weds 13th - 50 minutes Easy Run
1:02:03 7'38/mi, 8.12mi, 153bpm. Felt really sleepy by end of the day.  

Thurs 14th - 10 minutes Warm Up, 3 x 15 minutes at Threshold effort with a 90 second recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down // ACTUALLY – swapped with Friday to be a rest day due to logistics.
 Bad DOMS from Tuesday’s weights session. Particularly left knee and hamstring.

Friday 15th - Rest Day // Switched to be the 3x 15 from Thurs
Had to do this at the end of a day of childcare so wasn’t really feeling it but also still feeling the DOMs and it was windy and all the other excuses!! Basically this was rubbish… but hey, get it out of the way, right?

15 = 6'54
12:20 - 6'34 (managed to accidentally hit lap on my watch)
15 = 6'40"

Saturday 16th -   70 minute Long Run; Pick up middle 50 minutes to Marathon Pace         
Legs felt heavy but enjoyed it. Marathon pace was 6'49 in relatively windy conditions (so assisted and resisted).  Legs felt heavy but enjoyed it.
9.8mi, 1:10:56, 7’13/mi 156bpm

Sunday 17th - 30 minutes Conditioning Work  at home
Did 2 NTC 15 min core sessions. Have abit of a cough, hoping it’s maranoia!

Total miles: 47.5