Training Log: 28th Jan - 10th Feb 2019 - (Wk 40 &41 #WeGoAgain)

Mon 28th - 45 minutes Easy Run
Runcommute. Think I've got DOMS in my feet?!

8.15m, 1:02:25, 7:39/m 153bpm

Tues 29th - AM: Gym Session // PM: Club Session
AM: Glutes to the Max w/ home weights
PM Jog to track 28:51, 3.61 mi 7:58/mi
Track = 12x 400. So Cold and Wet - shivvery after. Frustrated that I'm Slower than previous times I've done this.

1:22, 1:24, 1:24, 1:25, 1:25, 1:25, 1:26
shoelace came undone so missed a rep
1:25, 1:27, 1:27, 1:28, 1:26

+ jog to tube and tube to home. Not sure that was worth the pain at all. Properly fed up about that. Coach Ben FP assures me it’s better than previous because there’s less variation than when I did 1:20-1:30 in the same session but still.

Wed 30th - 60 minutes Easy Run
Runcommute after bad sleep

8.07mi 1:05:19 8:06/mi

Thurs 31st - Rest Day (looking after MiniB)
Did 20mins core with Nike Training app

Friday 1st - 10 minutes Warm Up, 10 x 3 minutes at Threshold effort with a 90 second recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down
Done on treadmill due to snow and also during naptime when I was tired too. 0.5% incline. Threshold pace 6'27 pace, recovery 10'00. Was hard work but made it. Av HR 156 bpm

Screenshot 2019-03-04 at 20.25.15.png

Saturday 2nd - 135 minutes Easy / Steady Long Run
Enjoyed it in the end but was quite a stressful day and felt bad about going out. Didn't get out until later afternoon. Only actually felt sluggish at certain points but just felt heavy. Looks sluggish all the way on the pace!2:15:07, 17.2m, 7'51/mi, 145bpm

Sunday 3rd - 30 minutes Conditioning Work at home
Swiss Ball + plank finisher

Total Miles: 49.8

Monday 4th - 60 minutes Easy Run
Runcommute. No zip again! Perfectly pleasant and hammpy but no oomph
7.96 mi, Pace c8:20 /mi , Time1h 6m. 153bpm av

Tuesday 5th - AM: Gym Session // PM: Club Session
Glutes to the max done.
8x800 off 90 2:56, 2:58, 2:58,2:58, 2:58, 2:58, 2:59, 2:59.
At the start of Jan I ran that session faster (there was a 2;52 and several 2:55s and a heavier weights session in the morning) I have no idea why it's not getting faster but I suspect it's just the cumulative effect of miles building up. I was telling myself that I'm fine with that. Not sure I am but hey, Keep. Showing. Up. 

Weds 6th - 45 minutes Easy Run
Runcommute 1:04:10, 8.01mi, 7'56/mi +5min core finisher in evening . Determined to get this core back.

Screenshot 2019-03-04 at 20.36.28.png

Thurs 7th - 10 minutes Warm Up, 3 x 10 minutes at Threshold effort with a 90 second recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down

AM 6'30, 6'50, 6'39 (hmmm). A bit windy but not enough to make a huge difference. Second rep largely upgill, 3rd largely down. // PM 5 min core finisher

Friday 8th - 150 Long Run
Windy and wet in places, 7'20 felt easy when I was on the canal in good conditions, that's what I naturally settled at. At least that was a bit of a confidence builder.
20.03mi, 2:31:47, 7:34/mi

Saturday 9th - Rest day and Mini B’s birthday!
6mins yoga flow from NTC

Sunday 10th - 30 minutes Conditioning Work at home
Did 'cut to the core ' 30 min from NTC

Total Miles: 53.2