Training Log: 7th -13th Jan 2019 - (Wk37 #WeGoAgain)

Monday 7th - Easy 45mins

Love the Monday runcommute. Legs feeling happy and recovered from last week.

Stats: 8.04mi, 1:00:34, 7:32/mi, 156bpm

Tuesday 8th: AM Gym // PM: Track session

Into the gym before work and went back to one of the old strength sessions I used to do.

3x 12 each of:
Lunges 24kg + Low box jump in between
Deadlift 20kg +Hop and Stick in between
Squat 30kg + pogo inbetween
1x the old conditioning round of plank, leg raise, side planks, superman, hollow hold, etc

In the evening I went to Highgate Harriers’ track session which was 8x 800m off 80s. I felt a bit funny running up actually - heart felt like it was going fast but looking at the HR monitor on my watch it doesn’t look like it actually was. I got to the session just as they were about to start and jumped into the first rep but was stuck at the back so I powered through the pack thinking it was a 400… it wasn’t! So, I then had to try and hang on for the rest of the session. I was grateful to see a friend there in the form of Adam Lennox. He seemed to be finding it easy but it was good for me to try and hang on to him or at least not let the distance he was in front of me get any bigger!

800s = 2:55, 2:55 2:57, 2:58, 3:00, 2:59 2:58

Wednesday 9th: Rest day
Yep, rested

Thursday 10th: 10 minutes Easy, 10 minutes Threshold, 10 minutes Easy

Did this a little bit too close to lunch but it was fine.

Easy = 8'07/mi, Steady = 6'37/mi, Easy = 7'11/mi

Friday 11th: 20 mins easy + strides
Did this by running to a tube stop along my journey into work and then tubing the rest of the way. Had the laptop so couldn’t do strides.

Saturday 12th: Chiltern League XC race. Keysoe, Beds
I did this course in 2017 (by best year) and I knew it had a water jump. I was looking forward to it but then we had a really bad nights sleep and the MiniB napped early so was awake and upset all the way to the race and then didn’t sleep while we were there. So, I got there tired, upset, hungry, feeling car sick and really not sure why we’d bothered coming. I was hoping that it would fire me up to at least run a good race and I didn’t do too bad. No fireworks but fine. The aim was to go out sensible and then keep gaining and work hard at the end. I managed to keep gaining on people so at least that was ok (3.74 miles splits = 6'22, 6'24, 6'34,+ extra). I do love that water jump! I came 19th overall and didn't get overtaken at all in the last lap I was 1 min4 s faster than last time I ran the course, with an extra boggy ditch in it...though I placed 17th last time and the conditions were worse.

24:06 / 3.74miles.

Sunday 13th: 30mins conditioning at home

I did the swiss ball session + some extra squats, crunches and hip work

Total miles: 27.7