London Marathon 2019 Preview

Ladies and gentlemen, here is you London Marathon 2019 Elite Women’s lineup. Read, digest and get VERY excited. As always, you can get these previews and reviews direct to your inbox by signing up at

FirstLastCountryAgePBYear of PBLocation of PBLondon history
VivianCheruiyotKEN352:18:312018London2017: 4th 2:23:50, 2018- 1st 2:18:31
MaryKeitanyKEN372:17:012017London2011- 1st 2:19:19, 2012- 1st 2:18:37, 2015- 2nd 2:23:40, 2016- 9th 2:28:30, 2017- 1st 2:17:01, 2018- 5th 2:24:27
GladysCheronoKEN352:18:112018Berlin2018- 4th 2:24:10
BrigidKosgeiKEN252:18:352018Chicago2018- 2nd 2:20:13
TadelechBekeleETH282:21:402018London2018- 3rd 2:21:40
Carla SalomeRochaPOR282:25:272018Berlinnone
MollyHuddleUSA342:26:442018New Yorknone
SoniaSamuelsGBR392:28:042015Berlin2012- 18th 2:33:41, 2015- 15th 2:31:46, 2016- 14th 2:32:00
CharlottePurdueGBR272:29:232017London2016- 16th 2:32:48, 2017- 15th 2:29:23
LilyPartridgeGBR282:29:242018London: 2018- 8th 2:29:24
TracyBarlowGBR332:30:422017London2012- 3:28:43, 2013- 69th 2:59:58, 2014- 26th 2:54:15, 2015- 23rd 2:40:02. 2016- 17th 2:33:25, 2017- 16th 2:30:42, 2018- 9th 2:32:09
Ruthvan der MeijdenNED342:31:152017Rotterdamnone
TishJonesGBR332:33:562017London2017- 18th 2:33:56
BrittanyCharboneauUSA302:36:262018Santa Monicanone
HayleyCarruthersGBR262:36:482018Toronto2018- 17th 2:47:47

The main striking thing with this list, especially when comparing it to the Boston preview, is how recent all the PBs are. This is not only a fast field, full of champions but it’s a fast field, full of champions who are on form (say that with a marshmallow in your mouth!)

With no male pacers in the mix this year, there’s less big talk of records but the conditions are looking more favourable for one. Cheruiyot, Keitany, Cherono and Kosgei are all equal with 25 points in the Marathon Majors competition and a win at London could see their prize money looking a lot safer.



So lets start with the big 4 - all World Marathon Major champions within the last year:

Mary Keitany - Won NY last year
3 time London and 4 time New York champion. Known for going out hard and dangerously, she did that last year at London in a chase for the world record and blew up big time. BUT in New York she ran a measured race, running the first time at a leisurely pace and then absolutely flew through the second half in 66:58 to win with a 3:14 margin. Now she’s got the tactics and the speed together, could she join Ingrid Kristiansen to be joint all time most wins at London and perhaps sniff at Cheruiyot ‘s women’s only WR?



Vivian Cheruiyot - Won London last year
Defending champion. Olympic 5000m champ

Gladys Cherono - Won Berlin last year

3 x Berlin winner and last year won it in a course record and became 6th fastest all time.

Brigid Kosgei - Won Chicago last year
Brigid Kosgei burst away from a group of six to win the Bank of America Chicago Marathon title last October, taking nearly two minutes from her previous best. She knocked nearly a minute from her personal best to win this year’s Houston half marathon in 65:50, and then lowered it again at the Bahrain Night Half Marathon in March, winning the inaugural race in 65:28.


From there we move onto the youngster (21) and Dubai champion, Rosa Dereje (and we’ve just seen a Dubai champ win Boston). To be honest, every athlete in the list deserves a review but we have to take some hits and risk the fact that a Dibaba or Tesfay might well run a stormer.

Other people to pick out - Sinead Diver who is running her first ever marathon major after running a PB at the age of 41 in Melbourne last year. The ex-Irish athlete who still has a job as well has been training closely with GB’s Charlotte Purdue. It’ll be exciting to see her on the world stage

GB-wise we have :
Charlotte Purdue who took a confident-looking victory at the Big Half recently and has a PB 1s faster but 1 year older than compatriot Lily Partridge. I’m really hoping that Lily has managed to get her muscle-pain issues sorted because seeing these two racing together will be fascinating. Charlotte has more predictable form at the moment but both are strong runners. Talking of strong, consisted runners, Sonia Samuels who was 4th in last years Commonwealth Games marathon and 4th in the Big Half in march will be racing her …4th London Marathon. Her PB is the oldest in the list and I am not sure what form she’s in but she’s got loads of experience and we certainly shouldn’t ignore her presence for GB. Tracy Barlow is out on the course for the 8th time… go Tracy. Her first London Marathon was just eight years ago when she was the 7,597th runner across the line, in 3:52:59. She has steadily improved ever since, breaking the three-hour barrier in 2013 . Natasha Cockram has the most recent PB in the GB team, having run 2:34:18 earlier this year in Houston. Tish Jones is an ultra and trail runner who’s fast on the roads as well and Hayley Carruthers continues her speedy rise by taking her first elite place - fourth in club race at last year’s London Marathon. Only started serious training in November 2017 and joined her first club, Rotherham Harriers in early 2018. Is a fulltime radiotherapy cancer researcher.

And then there’s the battle of the USA. Huddle + Sissons. This is the one I really want to watch. says: Huddle is coming off a pb of 2:26:44 in New York last fall, good for fourth overall, but that came on a tough course with a big negative split (75:50/70:54). Put Huddle on a faster course with a faster first half and she should be able to blow 2:26 out of the water. Plus Treacy says she’s in better shape than she was in NYC.

While Sisson has never run a marathon, which means it’s hard to know for sure what will happen, she has been running amazingly. In January she ran a huge half marathon pb of 67:30 in Houston, just five seconds off Huddle’s American record . That’s faster than Jordan Hasay (3rd in Boston) ran before she debut’d at 2:23:30.

So… there it is. Full media pack is here with detailed info on each athlete

In case you’re interested, here’s the prize money structure:

prize money.JPG

I’ll be adding to the normal spreadsheet of joy with extra bits of information, social media links etc here. I’ve left it open for comments so you can wade in and tell me your thoughts.