ROAD NEWS: Vicoty Chepngeno (aka the real Rio winner?) wins in West Virginia and the marathoners hit 7miles in Falmouth w/ending 19/8/19

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I included this because ‘ was running it and I’m following her marathon journey. 

Photo by Madeline Scarborough

Photo by Madeline Scarborough

The race was won by last year’s runner up, Kenya’s Vicoty Chepngeno (24) who broke the 10 year course record by one second! The record was set 10 years ago by Mare Dibaba (ETH). Dibaba’s footsteps are impressive ones to follow, as she came 3rd in the Rio Olympic marathon but you could argue that she won it, since she finished was behind two athletes who have subsequently been given doping bans (albeit they were not stripped of their medals because the test did not cover the Olympic season). It was also a PB for Chepngeno who’s previous best was a 1:12:38 in Columbus last year.

Back to Rachel though - she made the tough (but it sounds like the correct) call to DNF but I thought I’d cover it anyway. Rachel was originally a soccer player and started running to keep fit. She started on the track and has recently upgraded to roads and long distance. She now runs for RuninRabbit, has a 2:38 marathon PB and OTQ and recently won Vermont City Marathon in  2:45:59. She’s deep in marathon training at the moment just like a lot of us will be so I’m enjoying sympathising with her letters to her stodgy legs!

  1. Vicoty Chepngeno, KEN 1:10:18 (8th OA)

  2. Martha Akeno, KEN 1:14:20

  3. Areba Damaris. KEN 1:14:10


Yes yes it’s not a marathon or half but there were marathoners running and on their way into marathon season so it’s of interest to me and I‘m forcing it on you, so there. I mean look at that top 10. There’s some 26.2 names right there. 


Kenya’s Sharon Lokedi coped best with the humidity (Sarah Hall says it was 100% - is that even  possible?!) but she’s a 10k lady. For our purposes it was Sarah Hall who apparently ‘had fun’ (really?!) and held it together for second place. You know what though? I believe her - look at that smile!

Both Hall and Des Linden is on their way to New York Marathon this November so I imagine they are knee deep in training right now.Nell Rojas will have her eye on Atlanta I guess. Actually it’s interesting that Des isn’t posting that much about training right now. I hope / suspect it’s because she’s just so cool and balanced and enjoying where she’s at. I guess you can’t beat a dog-crotch photo.  

1 . Sharon Lokedi 36:29 

2. Sara Hall 36:34 (has OTQ)

3. Margaret Wangari 36:43 (half marathoner and below)

4 . Tish Jones 37:43 (GB - off to doha)

5. Becky Wade 37:44 (has OTQ)

6. Hannah Everson 37:49

7. Abie McNulty 38:18

8. Nell Rojas 38:26 (has OTQ)

9. Des Linden 38:33 (has OTQ)

10. Katie Newton 38:38

For the Brits, Tish Jones, who will be heading to Doha for the World Champs soon finish 4th in 37:43. Lily Partrideg ran 39:48 for 15th. I love Lily, she’s been gritting it out against a recurring injury and she’s honest but not self-indulgent about it. She’s working hard hard hard to get back for Tokyo2020. Glad to see her out racing and here’s hoping she gets chance to build now. 


To be honest though the result that got me favourite-ing and like-ing and kudos-ing and generally whooping where thoset of Joan Benoit Samuelson (62) who ran 45:26 and McKirdy Trained’s Heather Knight Pech  (57) who finished just behind her in 46:08. That’s 6’29/mile for Joan. Heck that’s a great pace at any age let alone 62.
Other results from last weekend: 


Much faster than last year where the winner crossed the line in 3:07. Marcato busted open the normally Fin-tastic podium this year!

  1. Eeva Feuth FIN 2:59:30

  2. Chiara Marcato ITA 3:20:08

  3. Elina Junnila FIN 3:23:01


  1. Kari Elliott F-Elite 03:01:00.0

  2. Caroline Gecker F20-29 03:06:31.0

  3. Anna Kessler F30-39 03:08:42.0



  2. PURITY SEREM, KEN 03:11:59 



Results TBC


Magda Boulet Magda Boulet (@runboulet)! Won the Leadville100 in  20:18:07 (you’ll get more of that in Cajsa’s trail roundup) and did a little jump for joy over the line. Love it 

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock and don’t know already: Alyson Felix and co have had a major win with Nike finally agreeing to protect the income of female athletes for 18 months around giving birth, starting 8 months prior to birth. That’s 10 months to recover and race at performance driven level again. I dunno - is that long enough? It means you’ve got to get back to training pretty quick, right? It’s a start. 


I’ve mentioned one runner that I follow at the top of this missive but I also want to commend Teal Burrell to you :  Teal went from 4h to 2:39:08 PR and OTQ and has only just got her first coach! She’s a Oiselle athlete, mum and seems like a lovely lady. The main thing I love about her posts at the moment is her admission/ realisations that she’s enjoying not marathon training, having been marathon cycling since 2017 after the birth of her child. I think this is an interesting one. At what point do you take time out and try something different? But what if that was the season it would have all happened? Argh! I’m glad to be able to see people like Teal working through these things.



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