ROAD NEWS: Aly Dixon is a hero over 50k last weekend and in a cape this weekend at the Great North Run - w/ending 2/9/19

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Not all heroes wear capes, or so they say but this lady is a total hero and shes’s wearing a cape this weekend, but more on that further down this missive.

Aly Dixon 50k World Champion

GBs Aly Dixon ran her first ultra at the World 50k championships in Braşov, Romania and smashed it out of the park. Sound that ‘new wold best performance (pending ratification)’ klaxon (catchy, huh) because her finishing time of 3:07:20 obliterated the 30 year old record set by set in 1989 by South Africa’s Frith van der Merwe 3:08:39. 

In a rare occurrence for us Brits we can say we dominated the podium because Ipswich Jaffa (yes that’s her running club’s name) Helen Davies won silver in 3:09:16. Oh and since we’re having a little gloat, GB and NI won the team competition too thanks to Julie Briscoe  coming 9th in 3:22:5. 

Now, let’s  give some context to these numbers:

Aly Dixon - finish time of  3:07:20 has a marathon PB of 2:29:06. Her 50k pace would be a 2:37:58 marathon. So, in theory that’s quite a comfortable pace for her but those extra 8k are not to be sniffed at and with a looped course (dull dull dull) and a first ultra I think it would be unfair to take anything away from her performance. When you look at the splits during the race, it brings even more respect for Dixon as she led from the start and just got the job done with calm aplomb. At 5k Davies and Dixon were together but by 9.5k she had a 15s lead, then 28s by next timing point at 14k and nearly a minute by 18.5 and held or grew it from theronin. 

Helen Davies   - finish time 3:09:16 has a PB of 2:34:06 set in Brighton earlier this year and if she were to run that pace for 50k she’d get there in 3:02:36

Alicia Perez of Spain was third - her marathon PB is 2:39:02. Which was set after a pretty awesome progression from 3:04:something only 4 years ago and in only 4 marathons. 

Dixon, Davies, Perez

1. Alyson Dixon (GBR) - 03:07:20                               

2. Helen Davies (GBR) - 03:09:16

3. Alicia Perez (ESP) - 03:15:09


1. Great Britain and Northern Ireland 9:39:33

2. USA 10:03:18

3. Austria 10:19:58

Full results 


aly ww.jpg

Here’s that cape I promised you:

The afore-mentioned 50k World ChampionAly Dixon (sounds great that, Aly) is running the Great North run this weekend dressed as superwoman in aid of St Benedicts Hospice. Just 6 days after her first ultra, she’s looking to break the world record for the fastest Superhero to run a half marathon! 


I had a quick look to see who held the record for marathon distance and guess what, it’s held by none other than trail sHero Camille Heron! She ran  hr 48 min 51 sec dressed as Spider-Man, at the 2012 Route 66 Marathon in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, on 18 November 2012. Camille actually won the female category of the marathon, finishing fifth overall, and knocked over 20 minutes off the previous record. So, If we have Aly with the half and Camille with the full, that’s a rather wonderful duo.

Please consider sponsoring Aly at and keep your eyes on the results at 



While the men’s race is just the Mo-show these' says, the women’s field is much more exciting. With Mary Keitany looking to defend her title agains Brigid Kosgei (who schooled her at London Marathon this year, winning it and leaving Keitany in 5th). Kosgei is in the build up to CHicago Marathon in Oct and Keitany for NY Marathon in November. Linet Masai also set her HM PB earlier this year so she’s on good form.

Sinead Diver, Australias gutsy VLM frontrunner and Charlotte Purdue’s training partner will aslo be out there.

For GB Hayley Carruthers will be in action looking to test her self over her longest race since she memorably crawled over the line at London marathon.

Her crawling somewhat overshadowed the awesome acheievment of Charlotte Purdue who became the 3rd fastest British Marathoner in the same race when she ran 2:25:38. Purdue is tuning up nicely for the World Athletics Champs Marathon in Doha later this month.

Also is action in Doha but over a shorter distance and looking to test herself here is Steph Twell. I’m told Eleanor Davis is worth watching too.

Elsewhere ther are half marathons in Stockholm and Budapest and a IAAF gold label marathon in China in the form of Taiyuan International Marathon. There’s also the Birell 10k in Prague which is known for swift times.