ROAD NEWS: Women's Running Roundup 31/03/2019


What a course! That roof, the ever sludgier mud, the constant down and up swoops. That was fun to watch. Helen Obiri (KEN) was the favourite going in and she was on the case right from the start. I don’t think there was a single moment where she wasn’t leading and pushing. From about 400m into the race the british commentators were incredulous that the pack was so strung out. They, understandably, were expecting a tactical race with the first few laps being help back. No! Obiri wanted the final medal for her cabinet and she went and got it! She is now the only woman in history to win world titles in indoor track, outdoor track, and cross country. She said to

“I knew this is my last cross country and first cross country,” Obiri said. “So I decided maybe to work extra hard and get that gold. So now, I’m happy.”

2:21 Ethipian marathoner Dere Dida fared well with the endurance requirements of the the course, with two-time world junior XC champ Letesenbet Gidey 3rd in 36:24. Giday looked like she was holding back to fight it out at the end but actually it seems she didn’t have any more fight.

The British placed 4th in the team results thanks to the following results:

30th @KateAvery12 38:55
33nd, @mhairimaac 39:05
34th @jennynesbitt
36th captain @JessCoulson90 39:20
48th @EmilyThornhill_ 39:50,
79th @Amelia_Quirk16 41:40

Steph Rothstein of the NAZ Elite team had the best day of the American women coming 33rd, 11th place which was a decent showing - she says it was the hardest race she’s ever run.

Fast Running have a great roundup here


  1. GLADYS KIPKOECH, KEN 01:10:19

  2. TABITHA WAMBUI, KEN 1:11:07




Full results here


Another 5s off her PB from last December in Valencia secured Aberu Mekuria the win in Chonqing. Fellow Kenyan Lydia Cheromei tried to go with her in the early stages but a lead of 47s by 15k was enough to work Cheromei so hard in the chasing that she dropped out of podium contention at all, leaving it open for the locals Li Zhixuan and Hi Yinli to come in second and third. Zhixuan’s time does look slow in comparison but when you factor in that her PB of 2:26:16 was only set in Nagoya at the end of March, she’s looking in pretty good shape!

  1. Aberu Mekuria, ETH, 2:24:30 

  2. Li Zhixuan, CHN, 2:27:56

  3. Hi Yinli, CHN, 2:29:14

IAAF write up here


Screenshot 2019-03-31 at 20.56.25.png

Molly Huddle and Emily Sisson have been absolutely smashing their 10k speed in the run up to London

Molly Huddle (@mollyhuddle), who placed 4th in NY marathon last year with a PB of 2:26:44 and training partner Emily Sisson (@em_sisson_) , who will debut at the marathon in London later this month, ran the Stanford Invitational 10k in California earlier this week. Working together and in the middle of their marathon buildup, they casually (!) both came away with World Champs & Olympic Qualifying Standards. Oh, and Sission’s winning time (30:49) and new PB has made her 3rd fastest American women over this distance. behind…. oh wait, Molly Huddle and Shalane Flanagan! Molly Huddle holds the American all time record for the half marathon, with Sisson 5s behind her. So, come London Marathon day I reckon we should have an interesting race on our hands between these two ladies.

Allie Kieffer explains how she’s feeling about her injury and having to miss London:

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Life Update🚨 . . The short story: I was experiencing back pain and while treating that problem my foot started hurting🙈. . . The long story: to fix my back I jumped back and forth from the chiropractic table to the treadmill. This helps my therapist see if the manipulation he’s doing is improving my mobility and stride (and decreasing pain) or not, and thus we should stop wasting our time and instead work on a different area. Randomly, one of the times I jumped on the treadmill my foot suddenly hurt. I immediately hopped off, but I couldn’t walk either. I optimistically thought the pain would go away, but after a week with lingering pain I got an X-ray and then an MRI. . . Turns out I have: - 3 stress reactions in my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th metatarsals. - tendinopathy - a lisfranc sprain. - and ironically no more back pain. . . Injuries suck. I spent a week feeling sorry for myself, eating my feelings, binge watching TV, and frustrated that my inability to run in circles was affecting my happiness. But, whatever, I like to run. It brings me happiness and that’s not trivial. And neither are my goals, or the message I want to spread. So power to all the peeps running towards something! And to all the injured kids out there - “these obstacles are actually opportunities to test ourselves, to try new things, and, ultimately, to triumph” (from the obstacle is the way)! . . Love, Allie

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Athletics weekly staff have a go at the World XC course in Aarhus



With last year’s winner Danni Nimmock running for GB in the London Marathon at the end of the month and 2nd place Katie White not on the start list, perhaps last year’s bronze medalist, Julie Briscoe will be eyeing up the title.

The rest of the elite lineup is:

Liz Abbott
Jo Coates
Charlotte Firth
Fanni Gyurko
Anne Hoyland
Polly Keen
Christine Kennedy
Polly Keen
Jane Ann Mehan
Johanna O’Regan
Josephine Park
Rose Penfold
Jenny Spink
Britt Saville
Nora Szabó
Laura Trimble
Jennifer Wetton
Katherine Wood

Full start list here