Training: 28th March - 3rd April 2016

 Top of the spreadsheet for this week says "be patient"!

Mon 28th - 45 minutes easy

Still on holiday so a final chance to enjoy the fresh air of Devon.  Wasn't feeling particularly sprightly, the countryside has hills and Mr B wasn't up to coming out.  All this added up to a very steady run but I enjoyed it once I got out. Calves still tights but not as bad.  

Miles = 5.4

Av Pace = 8:06/mi

Tues 29th - AM: 30 minutes Easy Run // PM: 10 minutes Warm Up, 10 minutes at Threshold effort, 90 second recovery, 5 x 2 minutes at 10km effort with a 30 second recovery, 10 minutes at Threshold effort, 10 minutes Cool Down

Swapped AM and PM around as it was Mr Bs birthday and there was rain forecast later so wanted to make sure I got the main session done.

AM: First threshold felts faster than second even though it wasn't. A pretty brutal session - I was more thinking "go as hard as you can" instead of 10k. I need to get better and judging effort.

WU = 8'34 //Threshold 1 = 6'40  // 10k efforts = 5'50, 6'18, 6'48, 6'31, 6'03 // Threshold 2 = 6'26 //. CD = 7'59 

Miles = 6.6

PM: It was hard to get myself out of the door - rain was threatening, I wanted to stay with the birthday boy. I decided to retrace part of the NLH route. I ended up running at "easy" effort and yeast getting a really decent pace. How weird. Didn't even have a big lunch or anything. In fact, I'd been sat in a cold garden centre most of the day. 

Miles = 3.81

Av Pace = 6:57/mi

Weds 30th - 70 mins easy



Sunshine and mooching around my home area as I'm still on leave. 

Miles = 9.3

Av Pace = 7:53/mi

Thurs 31st - 10min warmup, 4x8min threshold off 90s, 10min cool down

oops. Just realised from typing this up that I should have done 4 threshold blocks. I'm so used to doing 3 I just went into autopilot. Ingesting to see what not running with a rucksack does to things. Can't imagine doing 20min threshold blocks now. Did I really do that only a few weeks ago?! 

WU = 8'10 // Thresholds = 6'39, 6'29, 6'21 // CD  =7'48

Miles = 7.1

Fri 1st - 45mins easy + stretch

Was actually over an hour but taking it easy. I ran into town to meet a friend and didn't want to stop part of the way there. 

Miles = 8.2

Av Pace = 7:33/mi

Sat 2nd - 70mins with middle 45 at marathon pace

Mr B wanted to do ParkRun but I wanted to be sure I had no excuses for my MP work, so I did my session before and planned to meet him at ParkRun and stick with him rather than pushing for a PB. He was hoping to run marathon pace but I thought I'd just hang on as much as possible. 

For my session the pace was all over the shop. MP sections had mile splits of 6'43, 6'58, 6'40, 6'10, 6'37', 6'35, 6'34 (total 48:17). Then I got a bit lost and couldn't find the ParkRun.

Got to PR just in time and ran around with Mr B he PB'd at 21:42 which I believe is a touch over MP. 

Miles = 12.1

 Sun 3rd - rest, stretch, roller